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YouTube ads can be excruciatingly irksome and may annoy you to the core. One second, you're looking at your favorite video, the next, an exasperating pop-up comes out of nowhere – there goes all your excitement and anticipation for the video!

Lucky for you, you can tackle this problem head-on. We all want to block YT ads, or better yet, have access to YT no ads. Skipping YT ads without having to go through the whole duration of the ad (that seems to last a lifetime) is very much possible, and today we’re here to enlighten you about just that!

Stop YT ads the 'Reddit' way

On Reddit, a user recently posted a way to get a 'YouTube no ads’ experience free of cost. The ‘YouTube no ads' trick posted by the user gained traction really fast, and it was highly appreciated and praised by the readers.

To use this ‘skipping YT ads’ trick, all you need to do is:

Simply add an additional period after the dot com in the YT link in the URL for whichever video you wish to watch. This even works when you paste a video URL with a period into an incognito browser session. It not only removes pre-roll advertising, but it also removes mid-roll disruptions in videos and is an effective way to guarantee yourself a YT no ads experience.

How To Change YT URL 2016 - FAQ Tube - YT

The user said, "I'm not sure how much time you've saved by copying, pasting, and changing the video URL — I'm not sure how much time you've saved by not just waiting for the "skip commercial" option to appear — but it does work."

With almost 4,000 Reddit upvotes, YT is probably aware that this exploit has been discovered. The oversight will most likely be remedied sooner rather than later.

Other ways to get a YT no ads experience

If you haven't been lucky with the URL and period skipping YT ads technique, you might do well using one of the following ways that aid in skipping YT ads.

Using an ad blocker to stop YT ads

A YT ad blocker is another brilliant option to eliminate advertisements on YT and elsewhere. This will cover not only YT ads but also any other site where you may see advertisements. You may either use a simple plugin to add an ad blocker to Chrome or Firefox, or you can download an ad-free browser on your phone. There are several alternatives to select from, so it all boils down to personal choices.

If you're an Android user, you can use Pure Tuber to stop YT ads for you. The application is fast, reliable, and stable to its core.

VPN and YT ads

VPN explained: How does VPN work and why would you use it?

A VPN is one of the most thorough solutions to block advertisements. In many aspects, it functions similarly to an ad blocker; however, you have certain additional freedoms to enjoy. VPNs protect your data and browser history from prying eyes, so you shouldn't have to fret about focused adverts.

In addition to providing a YT no ads experience, you can even use VPNs to change the location of your IP address. This helps in viewing content on YT that is not meant for your country.

Purchasing YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium supera los 50 millones de usuarios

If you’ve exhausted all your options and none seem to have resonated with you, perhaps it’s time you buy YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium allows you to have a seamless YT no ads experience and much more. You won't need any ad blocker, VPN, or any other sly means to block YT ads.

Skipping YT ads won't be your headache with YouTube Premium. Moreover, you can download YT videos, play them in the background, and enjoy many added features and benefits! You can purchase YouTube premium for $11.99 per month.

Stream Away!

Using the above-mentioned tricks and techniques, you can get that YT no ads experience that you’ve been longing for so long. It’s time you stop those YT ads!

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