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As the second most popular social media platform worldwide, it would not be incorrect to assume that YT is a favorite among the masses. Since its launch in 2005, it has amassed a total of 2291 million users across the globe as the most sought after video streaming platform.

From being a content consumer to creating a wide variety of videos, YT gives you the liberty to do it all.

Despite being a crowd favorite, no one is too happy about having to skip YT ads every few minutes or suffering through unskippable ones. With packed schedules it is already hard enough to make time for activities that we enjoy, and nobody wants to waste precious minutes on unsolicited YT ads.

Frequent YT users are always on the lookout for a way to block YT ads for good. Read through this article to discover all kinds of YT ad blockers that you can put to use.

VPN as YT ad blocker:

VPNs come in handy when one is trying to access a website or an application that is banned in their region, a quick tap on the toggle switch is all that is needed. Another way to get good use out of your VPN is to use it as a YT ad blocker.

Not all but definitely some good VPNs out there come with this bonus feature.If you are already using one then consider doing some research on whether it comes with the ad block feature for YT. If not then we would recommend finding a VPN that does offer this amazing service and investing in it, but only if this is something that would prove to be beneficial to you in the long run.

Browser extensions as YT ad blocker:

For those who prefer accessing YT on their desktops, browser extensions can prove to be a godsend when it comes to blocking YT ads. Every browser has multiple extensions to offer and each one can be found on its specific webstore. The fact that these extensions can only be added through the browser’s official website makes them very safe. The process of adding them to your browser is also very convenient and hardly takes a few minutes.What’s more is that the YT ad block extensions and various other ones are all available for free.

Applications as YT ad blockers:

Another method that can be used for blocking YT ads is using different third party applications. These let you access YT and stream videos without having to put up with a ton of ads.

Pure Tuber:

A complete package of an application Pure Tuber boasts a host of features one of which is blocking YT ads effectively.

How to block YT ads using Pure Tuber?

  1. Download and install the Pure Tuber application on your device
  2. Open the Pure Tuber application and sign in with YT
  3. Go ahead and enjoy uninterrupted streaming

Signing in with YT syncs the two apps together ensuring that YT and all its content is available to you through Pure Tuber. Additionally, this simple step preserves all your YT downloads, playlists and preferences and makes them available to you in the Pure Tuber app as well.

In addition to this, being able to block YT ads reduces the buffer time on a video and ensures that it runs smoothly.

Where can you download Pure Tuber from?

  1. Pure Tuber’s official website
  2. Google Play Store
  3. Vivo Store
  4. Oppo Store
  5. Apkpure

How can you install Pure Tuber:

  1. Allow apps to be installed from Unknown Sources.
  2. Go ahead and install the downloaded apk.

Which devices is Pure Tuber available for?

Pure Tuber is available for use on both Android and iOS devices. In order to use it on a laptop or desktop you will need Bluestacks to be able to run the apk.

What other features does Pure Tuber offer?

  1. Playing YT videos in background
  2. YouTube picture in picture mode
  3. Downloading YT videos and audio for offline viewing

Picture in picture and background playback let you switch between different apps while YT plays in the background, that too without any ads that need skipping.

Through Pure Tuber, you can download videos in bulk and in varying resolutions too. Moreover, you can directly save videos in the mp3 format to avoid the whole video to audio conversion process. These two features ensure that you have access to your favorite content even when offline.

Is Pure Tuber safe to use:

On Pure Tuber’s official website the developers claim that the application is one hundred percent safe and poses no harm to the device it is being used on. Pure Tuber is free of viruses and malware.

Is signing in with YT necessary?

No, it is not. One can stream videos on Pure Tuber without logging in with YT but that limits you. You will only be able to access the ad free streaming feature and not the rest. Your YT playlists and downloads will not be synced to Pure Tuber. In short, you will be missing out on the complete experience.

How much does Pure Tuber cost?

Pure Tuber is available to the masses for free. All you need to do is download and install the app and you are all set to experience YT ad free streaming!

Other applications:

Like Pure Tuber, there are other applications out there that let you effectively block YT ads. If Pure Tuber is not the one for you then you can very easily find more such third party streaming applications.

YouTube Premium as YT ad blocker:

A member of the YT group of applications, as the name suggests YouTube Premium is the upgraded version of YT. But unlike YT, one needs a monthly subscription to be able to use this app and its various features. Out of the many services that YouTube Premium offers, blocking YT ads is a noteworthy one.

So while YT has you skipping ads by the minute YouTube Premium saves you from the added hassle.

How much does the monthly subscription cost?

The monthly subscription is worth $11.99. The monthly family plan costs $17.99 and you can add up to 5 members, all above the age of 13 years. YouTube Premium comes with a month-long free trial, too.

What features does YouTube Premium have?

  1. YouTube ads free streaming
  2. Download YT videos
  3. Picture in picture mode
  4. Play YT in the background
  5. YouTube Music Premium

What is YT Music Premium?

YouTube Music Premium is another premium service provided by YT developers and you get to access it when you subscribe to YouTube Premium. One can get a monthly subscription for YT Music Premium separately, as well. The subscription is worth $9.99 a month.

Can I use YouTube Premium on my desktop?

Once you have a subscription, you can most definitely use YouTube Premium on your desktop and/or laptop. All you need to do is go to > sign in to your YouTube Premium account, and it’s done.

Is YouTube Premium available for iOS devices?

Yes, YouTube Premium is available for use on all iOS devices.

Is YouTube Premium available worldwide?

Unfortunately, YouTube Premium is only available in a select few countries. You can find the list of these countries on Google Support’s official webpage.

What is the purpose of YT ads:

Now that we know a bunch of ways to get rid of pesky YT ads let’s also find out about the reason behind them. Simply put, YT ads contribute to the revenue generated by YT. Additionally, they also prove to be a great means for brands and companies to promote their products online and connect with new customers.

Moreover, the creators of videos that contain these ads earn a profit through YT ads. In short, these ads are a way to support your favorite content creators. So what you can do is turn off the ad blocker when streaming videos by your favorite YTrs and continue supporting them


As one of the most sought after video hosting and social media platforms YT always has a lot of traffic at any given time. However, no one who comes onto YT for some downtime wants to be bombarded by unwanted ads.

Fortunately, there is no problem that exists without a solution or at least a few ways to get around it and that is how it is with YT ads. There exist several ways in which you can block YT ads and enjoy uninterrupted streams. Most of those have been summed up in this article with the hope that they prove to be handy for everyone who comes across this article.

YT ad blockers that have been mentioned in this article include:

  1. VPNs
  2. Browser extensions
  3. Applications like Pure Tuber
  4. YouTube Premium
  5. YouTube Music Premium

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