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Are you missing entertainment in your life or fed up watching all the time all the repeated stuff on your Television? Are you getting irritated while watching videos that are low in quality? Are you finding some solution to download the favorite YouTube stuff and watch it on airplane mode? Are the ads making interruption in watching your favorite videos?

All the answers to these questions are there for you. You just require one mobile and a good internet connection. With these two things, you can get rid of all these above-mentioned problems. Now you must be wondering how?

The answer to your question is YouTube Vanced. It is an application that can just solve all your problems. We can say that it is an advanced version of YouTube. We all are aware of YouTube and also know that YouTube is the platform where we can watch videos and make our lives entertaining. But have you ever faced issues with YouTube? Your answer must be ‘YES’.

There are a lot of things that affect our entertainment while watching videos on YouTube. The most annoying thing is the ads which come after every 5-10 min of interval. The person really feels irritated by this. The second thing is that it does not play any video in the background and doesn’t support background playing. Many people also want to enjoy all the features that are only available to the premium user of YouTube but free of cost.

If you are also in the same situation, then you are in the right place where you will know how to get all these free of cost. You just need to install YouTube Vanced. Want to know what exactly YouTube Vanced is? Just keep reading, we'll surely help you. All your answers are there in the following article.

What exactly is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is the modified version of YouTube. It consists of all the advanced features that YouTube lacks or that just the premium YouTube customers get and it was named YouTube (AD) Vanced.

These days YouTube Vanced has become very popular and also made people search more about it. There are a lot of things that made it so popular. One of the features that made it high in demand is its in-built ad-blocker feature. Currently, this app is enjoyed only by android users.

In this lockdown, many of the changes occurred and made losses to various businesses. The same happened with YouTube has also made changes in its app. It has restricted its users to watch the video at 480p maximum. These changes have made people forced to switch to alternative options for YouTube. And the best alternative, or we can say the advanced version of YouTube, is the YouTube Vanced app.

The features of this app make this app unique and demanding. This app, however, is high in demand but is not on play-store as the Google play store has its own YouTube apps and doesn’t recommend any alternative for that. But still, you can enjoy this app by downloading this app from their own website, or there are many alternative links on the internet to download this app.

Where YouTube Lacks?

There are a lot of things where YouTube lacks. The main thing which makes people highly disappointed is their Ads. There are plenty of ads that come after every short interval of time, which makes the viewer non-interested in the video and makes the viewers lose interest in the video too. The premium version of YouTube has some features that can make it interesting, but not everybody can afford to buy it.

All the people try to find an alternative despite spending so much money. YouTube does not provide you with a background playing option. If your phone is locked, then you can’t listen to the audio of the YouTube video. YouTube’s new marketing techniques are also not good, and the viewer thinks to just quit the video. YouTube doesn’t allow you to watch the download videos on airplane mode.

These are some of the things where YouTube lacks. This makes the YouTube Vanced app better than YouTube. To read the comparison of both these apps, just say connected.

Is YouTube Vanced better than YouTube?

YouTube Vanced is an app that gives you all the premium features of YouTube free of cost. Every feature of YouTube Vanced is added for the users to have a better experience.

Some of the most important features that make it better than YouTube are:

Ad-free YouTube: Only the premium users that pay to watch videos on YouTube enjoy this feature. But if you are a YouTube Vanced user, you will be enjoying this feature free of cost. This feature enables you to watch your favorite stuff without any disturbance of ads and makes your videos more enjoyable.

Control gestures for volume, zoom, and brightness: You are able to pinch the screen to zoom your videos. The brightness and volume can also be adjusted by this feature.

Background Play: Background playing is the feature that makes you listen to your favorite stuff even when your phone is locked.

Auto Replay: It has an auto replay option where you can replay your videos once they finish. This feature lacks in YouTube as YouTube has only the auto-play option that makes play the next video once the previous one is over.

Picture in Picture Mode: This feature helps you watch your favorite videos while using the other apps too.

Performs well even in slow data speed: Even if your internet speed is not that good, it will allow the user to customize the speed and make the users watch the video with a good resolution even if the speed of the internet is slow.

Final Views from Our Side

By reading all this stuff, you must have known that the YouTube Vanced app is more recommended and better than the YouTube app. All the features that the premium YouTube users experience are provided by the YouTube Vanced app.

YouTube Vanced is a highly recommended app as it will give you a better experience. Just stay connected with us for all the new updates about the app and the newly added features, which will make your life more entertaining without spending any money.

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