YouTube Vanced Tuber- The Perfect 2021


A perfect replacement for YT? Is that needed when YT offers us so much? So when we talk about the idea of replacement, it should definitely give us something extra, something that the existing platform does;t have or have it for pay. YouTube Vanced Tuber arrives with exactly keeping the point in mind. The app is not just another YT, nor a YouTube premium for free but what it offers is beyond all that has been mentioned and that’s exactly what makes it a real deal in 2021. It has the existing features and content with added additional features that we wished YT added in the normal version or even in a YT apk version.

YouTube Vanced Tuber is an advanced YT client that enables users to access all the YT content storage for free and it has an in-built ad blocker that prevents any ads from playing on videos. So no worries about getting disturbed with ads anymore. The app comes with more features including free video and audio download, pop-up player, Background player from YT, etc. Let's have a detailed look at these features.

Free Video and Audio downloader.

Say no more to YT root, click bites, and unsafe websites, YouTube Vanced Tuber has the option to download any content in Video or Audio formats. The download feature supports 144p to 4k downloads. A simple tap on the feature presented below the video screen will enable the option to select the format and quality. Selecting the desired choices, the download will start smoothly after clicking the final confirmation.

Background Music Play

Background Music Player direct from YT is another standout feature of YouTube Vanced Tuber. It works like any other music player but this time, it will be directly from YT.So no more times when you are stuck on the YT app just to listen to a song.

Pop-Up Player.

The pop-Up player option is for multitaskers. When you want to use another application while watching videos, click on the Pop-up player option and a floating screen will appear on the device display. You can resize the screen if needed and also change the positions. The highlight is now you will be able to use other applications too while the video continues on the floating screen.

How to Download

You can download YouTube Vanced Tuber directly from the official website proceeding with the normal downloading and installing process. The app safely has been checked thoroughly and there is no need for any other third-party apps to install anything to do with rooting, so have peace of mind. You can also install YouTube Vanced tUber by clicking the link below.

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