YouTube Vanced: The Best YouTube Ad-Blocker


As everyone knows YouTube is a famous platform to stream videos and enjoy your favorite content. All of us know how awful it feels to get interrupted when you are watching your favorite show. So, have you gotten tired of continuous incoming ads when you are watching a video on YouTube? Consider your problem solved! A new app known as YouTube Vanced has been introduced which allows you to block ads while you are streaming videos. Now you can easily stream videos without being interrupted after every two seconds.

What is YouTube Vanced?

If we get straight to the point, YouTube Vanced is an application that makes your experience on YouTube seamless. YouTube premium offers ads-free videos and some other features but you have to pay a monthly fee and YouTube Vanced offers exactly the same features as YouTube premium.

Difference between YouTube and YouTube Vanced

Not only does the constant interruption of ads make a viewer less interested in the video they are watching, but it also starts to irritate them. You can come across plenty of ads in just a short period, that some viewers consider not watching the video at all. In such cases, YouTube Vanced is proven to be your lifesaver. Here are some features:

• You must be well aware of the ad blocking feature by now, and it is one of the best ones in the market.

• Opting for YouTube Vanced allows you to listen to your favorite music without having to keep your screen constantly on.

• You can use the Picture Mode; with this, you can watch whatever you want while switching apps as well.

• You can zoom in and out videos with the pinch feature, and also adjust the volume and brightness of the video.

• You can automatically replay your videos without having to wait for your video to the end.

YouTube Vanced runs amazingly even when the speed of your internet is slow; users get to choose what speed they prefer.

Ad-Free YouTube Videos

If you have heard about YouTube Premium, you must also know how much it costs per year. Even if you do not, just remember it costs hefty amounts of money. Everyone nowadays is fed up with YouTube ads, not just because they interrupt what you are watching, the ads that are displayed are extremely inappropriate. This is where YouTube Vanced comes in handy, and it is free.

The reason why there are So Many Ads

There are mainly three types of ads you can come across:

• Ad inserted by YouTube or the creator whose video you are watching.

• Advertising a video itself.

• Advertisement of a particular good.

The first type of advertisement is the most common one and is mostly shown on videos. The rest of the ads that you come across are mainly based on your searches, and what you view. YouTube also earns from these ads, so if you ever come across too many ads that this is how YouTube earns by advertising what companies want YouTube to advertise.

Is it Safe to Download YouTube Vanced?

Whenever anyone of us downloads third-party apps, we are always worried about privacy. In the era of viruses and malware, it is not very easy to trust any application. Do not be worried we have that problem resolved. YouTube Vanced is a customer-friendly application so all of your data is completely safe with us. We make sure to abide by the privacy policy, and your personal information cannot be viewed by the app or any third-party application. Whatever you do within your application and the actions you take also stay completely private.

Platforms YouTube Vanced is Available On and How to download it

It is available on Play Store, or you can download it directly from our website. You can also find this application on Apkpure or Uptodown. Unfortunately, this application is not yet available for iOS or PC yet.

This application isn't very hard to download; all you need to do is open the official website for YouTube Vanced. Once it is installed, you can view videos without any interruptions.

Is this Application Legal?

If thoughts like these appear in your mind, immediately shove them out. YouTube Vanced is used only for entertainment purposes, and for personal use. This application does not go against any regulation policy and is completely secure to use. Many developers have approved this app as well, and have said that this application is completely legal as it does not make any changes in YouTube's servers. Once again, as said before it just makes your experience on YouTube better by blocking ads. If there was anything illegal, then YouTube would have long ago banned this application. In the end, do not listen or believe in any fake comments.

Download Unlimited Videos Easily

Yes, you read that right! Not only can you enjoy your content without any disturbance, but you can also download free videos. All you need to do is follow some steps:

• Download this application from the Play Store.

• Open the application.

• In the search bar, type in the name of your desired video content.

• Select the quality of your video.

• You will come across some options; all you have to do is click the download option.

• Choose your desired format.

• After that, a proper specification chart will appear which will show you all the selections you have made. Thoroughly go through them.

• At last, you are done, just download it!

At last, all we would like to tell you is that YouTube Vanced is an application worth downloading. This app allows you to explore multiple features, such as picture mode, pinch zoom, and ad-free videos so you can easily enjoy all your content. It is a free entertainment application, what could be better than this? We have made all these modifications for the comfort of customers, so go ahead and download this app.

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