YouTube Vanced downloader for your android phone


If I don’t take it wrong, you search on this article on purpose.Because you are looking for a better experience on YouTube viewing, no matter it’s about blocking ads or downloading video from YouTube. Anyway, here you found the answer--YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced get anything you find on YouTube and much more than that.It get user-friendly interface with the similar looking of no need to worry about the can just take it as a YouTube alternative.But if it’s just the same as YouTube ,why you should choose this?simply because it get many features that you will love it.

Major functions

No advertisements

No need to explain, i guess this might be the reason why this article comes to you

Download YouTube video for free

this is another amazing feature, I just don’t understand why YouTube cannot fit this command. I know millions of us want to download videos on YouTube,but we just can’t. Thankfully, YouTube Vanced helps us solve this problem.

Background music play

Yes YouTube Vanced helps you to play any kind of audio or video in the background also. While using YouTube you must have noticed that in order to continue playing a video you have to keep your phone screen on all the time. But now with YouTube Vanced you can play the music in the background and do your work also.


I know you might worried about the safety while using YouTube Vanced, and these FAQ may answer your questions

Is Youtube Vanced legal?

Some people are confused about whether YouTube Vanced is a legal or illegal application? I can answer to those people that Vanced is a totally legal app. YouTube Vanced is used for downloading videos and music from YouTube. Its downloading functions are not illegal. Everyone can use it easily.

Does YouTube Vanced consume more data?

It is a complete myth spread by some haters of YouTube Vanced who wants to decrease the popularity of this application. Even in comparison to YouTube, it consumes fewer data since this application by default does not run ads on its platform. Not only this, YouTube Vanced never forces their users to log in to your account in order to play any video in the background or in the repeat mode.

Will my data remain safe after using YouTube Vanced?

Yes, your personal data will always remain safe and secure when you will use the YouTube Vanced application. You can watch videos on this platform even without logging into your account. There will be no third party transfer of data from your personal or non-personal device to some other device.

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