YouTube Vanced: An Excellent Alternative for YT Premium


Do you want your mobile work like a laptop where you can do your work while enjoying watching your most favorite YouTube videos ad free? If so, then you are in the right place where you will get this feature free of cost.

Is YouTube asking you to get a premium membership, but you don't want to spend money? You don't have to worry about it because YouTube Vanced is there for you. YouTube Vanced helps you get all the premium services that are provided by YouTube. These all services are free of cost and offer you services that YouTube premium also doesn't have. If you are a subscriber of YouTube premium, then just cancel the membership now because the things that you are paying for are all in YouTube Vanced. By reading this article, the first thing you will do is discontinue the YouTube premium membership and will install YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced is an app that offers you all the features that YouTube premium customers are enjoying. Plus, it also provides you with the features which the YouTube premium customers are also not getting. Your entertainment will become more enjoyable if you watch all your favorite YouTube stuff with our YouTube Vanced app. YouTube Vanced is highly in demand because it is free of cost. To enjoy this app, you just need an android mobile and a good internet connection. With the help of these two things, you will be enjoying all the YouTube videos ad-free without any disturbance.

Features of YouTube Vanced offer you with:

  1. Background playing: YouTube Vanced offers you a superior feature that not even YouTube offers you that is background playing. Whenever you are playing a YouTube video, you might want to just relax and just listen to the audio of YouTube by minimizing the app, but unfortunately, you are not able to do that. This side by side is playing, or you can say the background playing option is provided by the YouTube Vanced app.
  2. Block Advertisements: By using this amazing app, now you will not get irritated by those advertisements that interrupt your entertainment. YouTube Vanced has an in-build ad blocker that blocks all the YouTube ads.
  3. Pop Up Play Support: This pop-up button helps you enable picture-in-picture mode with just a single tap. This button helps enjoy the videos along with the use of other applications.
  4. Download the YouTube channel: this feature allows you to download all your favorite stuff in mp3 and mp4 format. It also allows you to download videos of different qualities that are 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K. For downloading the videos, you need to click on the download button that is given below every video. This is a very handy feature for all the users.
  5. Create Custom Playlists: We can create our own different playlists of our choices. This helps us enjoy our favorite videos without any kind of interruptions.
  6. Performs better at less internet speed: Even with the slow internet speed too, the videos offered with good quality and are not at all blurred.

Negatives of YouTube:

There are a lot of negatives of YouTube, which makes YouTube the second option. People are switching to other alternatives apps out of which YouTube Vanced is the best option for you.

Some of the reasons are:

YouTube is becoming greedy: YouTube gets to earn a lot from marketing. Marketing includes advertisements that disturb the users and interrupts the user while watching the videos. This makes the users get irritated and end up with the video.

Don't allow Background playing: YouTube videos don't offer you background playing, so the user is not able to listen to the video on the lock screen or by minimizing it.

Don't have picture-in-picture mode: YouTube doesn't offer you PIP mode by which you could use any app while watching the side of your videos by the side.

Disables the account: A lot of times, YouTube users used to say that their accounts are disabled. YouTube disables the account of users if any of the terms and conditions are not being followed by the users.

Video streaming quality reduced: Lockdown has affected the business of a lot of people, and so has YouTube. YouTube has reduced its videos streaming quality to 480p, which has disappointed YouTube users.

These are some of the things that YouTube lacks and disappoints its users.

How to get this app on your Android Mobile?

By reading the above features, you must be convinced to download this app. So, now you need to know the steps on how to download this app for your mobile. For this, you just need two things: a good internet connection and an android phone.

To download an Excellent Alternative for YouTube Premium—YouTube Vanced, you just need to follow the steps and download the app now:

The first step is to visit the YouTube Vanced official website

Then just find out the download button from where you are able to download the apk file,

Then after downloading the apk files, you will be able to launch the app installer.

Give all the required permissions.

With these above-mentioned steps, you are able to download the YouTube Vanced app and enjoy your most favorite video.


Now you have definitely have realized that YouTube Vanced is a far better option to watch your favorite stuff that is on YouTube. YouTube Vanced is in one app that offers everything that YouTube premium users get. This is also offered free of cost while YouTube offers it by paying. Once you will download this app you will just love this application and will stop using other apps. All the features are unique and are made only for the user’s comfort. Use this app for keeping yourself updated with current affairs by using our YouTube Vanced app.

Now what are you waiting for? Just download the YouTube Vanced app by following the steps that are mentioned above. Enjoy now!

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