YouTube Vanced | All you need to know


As we all know that YouTube is the largest video site.million people including me take much time in it everyday.however, it is frustrating that its viewing experience on mobile leaves much to be desired. I just discovered YouTube Vanced by accident and i would like to share it here

What is YouTube Vanced?

It is a version of YouTube based on the official version of the Android app for the video portal. The main differences regarding the original application are its extra functions, including the possibility to block adverts.

What can it do?

you can do almost everything in YouTube Vanced as when you are in official YouTube.moreover, YouTube Vanced provider many other features that YouTube doesn’t have.It’s one of the favorite options for the users that want to make the most of YouTube without limits and use it as an alternative method to play music on services of the likes of Spotify.

and below are some key features of YouTube Vanced

All ads are blocked

You must have noticed in the YouTube app, whenever you play a video there are many types of ads that start appearing(some skippable and some non-skippable) which not only kill your time but also makes you frustrated. But yes when you use the YouTube Vanced there is no more advertisement which not only results in your productivity but also makes your experience good.

Download YouTube video for FREE

If you are a music lover, you can use YouTube Vanced t0 download YouTube video,and transfer into MP3 if you want

Play in background

YouTube Vanced helps you to play any kind of audio or video in the background also. While using YouTube you must have noticed that in order to continue playing a video you have to keep your phone screen on all the time. But now with YouTube Vanced you can play the music in the background and do your work also.

YouTube Vanced vs YouTube

With YouTube Vanced, you can play music in the background. Your video will run in the background when you minimize the app.

You can block all ads for YouTube using YouTube Vanced. There is no such feature on YouTube.


Are YouTube and YouTube Vanced the same?

No, they are not the same, YouTube Vanced is a MOD version of YouTube developed by some developers in order to give a more user-friendly experience to users like displaying no ads while running video.

Is there any secure issue with YouTube Vanced?

No,I have used this app for some time.As far as i know , there is no evidence that data from your device will be transferred to some other device, so no need to worry about that.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start YouTube Vanced on your Android for free and save your favorite videos on your phone

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