Why is everyone leaving YouTube For Vanced Tuber?


It is a new trend that people move from WhatsApp to Signal because the privacy update done by WhatsApp became controversial. But along with that, there is another movement happening, People are leaving YouTube and downloading YouTube Vanced Tuber. The basic reason behind this phenomenon is that people are now tired of the increased number of ads they are showing on videos while YouTube Vanced Tuber is an ad-free application. Now let’s have a look at what are the major differences between the normal YouTube app and the Youtube Vanced Tuber.

YouTube Vanced Tuber

YouTube Vanced Tuber is an advanced YouTube client that helps users to access all the content from youtube with updated and new features that the normal Youtube app offers. The new features include No ad use of YouTube videos, Free video and audio download, background Music Play from YouTube, pop up play for multiple app use, etc. Furthermore, we will be explaining the features in detail below.

Ad-free video streaming

One of the major reasons why people choosing Vanced Tuebr over Youtube is the fact that Vanced Tuber comes with a no-ad policy. When you play a YouTube Video through Vanced Tuber, the app prevents all the ads that might show up while you stream the content. Thus ensure flawless and uninterrupted watching. Does anyone remember the old YouTube where there were no ads? Yes, YouTube Vanced is getting those beautiful days back.

Free Video and Audio Downloading

YouTube never allows us to download content completely. most people use external websites or converters to download videos or audios from YouTube, but that comes with a headache of dealing with click bites, external app ads, fake websites, and malicious content that you might come across on some websites. Vanced Tuber tackles this effectively by including the download option directly on the app. Right under the video screen, the app added the download feature and with a simple tap on it, the users can start the downloading process. The feature also supports 144p to 4k downloads according to the original content quality.

Background Music Player

If you are a music fan then this one feature itself is worth considering to install the app. The background player feature enables the users to play Youtube Videos like in a music player, yes, on the phone background. There are no ads, so never worry about interruptions and no breaks.

Pop up player

Ever wished about texting your friends or checking Instagram while watching videos on YouTube without having a stop? With Youtube Vanced it's possible finally. Through the pop-up player option, now you can minimize the video and watch it on a floating screen while you use other applications.

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