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Nowadays,YouTube is becoming a part of our life. Look for some funny videos?YouTube.look for some news videos? YouTube.Want to watch the debate between Trump and Biden? Also YouTube! However, there have always been annoying ads while using it. We may wonder if there is a better option. The answer is yes.It is YouTube Vanced.YouTube Vanced is a new player in the app store. However,its function is remarkable and amazing. You can enjoy all youtube videos on it WITHOUT ads.That’s really attractive.But before that, let’s explore some most viewed youtube videos

Although the most-viewed videos were initially viral videos, such as "Evolution of Dance" and "Charlie Bit My Finger", the most-viewed videos were increasingly related to music videos.And now let’s enjoy those videos.

Here is catalog

Part 1.Top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube

Top1.Despacito - Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

The music video "highlights some of the main cultural and folkloric symbols of Puerto Rico" by showing its "splendid beaches, the colorful landscape of La Perla, the rattle of the Puerto Rican cuatro and the barrels of the autochthonous genre of bomba, Zuleyka Rivera's hips movement and a pair of men enjoying a game of dominoes."

The clip became the first on YouTube to receive three, four, five, and six billion views on August 4, 2017; October 11, 2017; April 5, 2018; and February 24, 2019, respectively (dates are based on UTC). It has received over 7 billion views as of October 10, 2020 and has been the most-viewed video on the site since August 4, 2017.

Top2.Baby Shark Dance

"Baby Shark" is a children's song featuring a family of sharks. Popular as a campfire song, it has taken off since 2016, when Pinkfong, a South Korean education company, turned it into a viral video that spread through social media, online video, and radio.

Top3. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

On 30 January 2017, the song's official music video, starring American dancer and model Jennie Pegouskie and retired professional sumo wrestler Yamamotoyama Ryūta (credited as "Yama"), was released on Sheeran's channel. It was shot on location in Seattle, and was directed by Jason Koenig. On 8 May 2017, 97 days after its release, it became one of the fastest music videos to reach 1 billion views on YouTube, and as of October 2020, the music video has over 5 billion views on the site and is the site's third most-watched video.

Top4. See You Again - Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

The video begins with a shot of a cliff top at sunset, followed by Khalifa walking down a highway road. Puth is then shown singing the chorus whilst sitting at, and playing, a piano located between two cars. Khalifa's rap verses and Puth singing the second chorus and bridge are interspersed with footage from Furious 7. After the bridge, we see the final scene from the film: Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Cody Walker, filling in for his brother, Paul), driving together, pull over in their cars and smile at each other one last time before driving away on separate roads into the sunset. After the camera pans up into the sky, the screen turns white, the words "For Paul" appear on screen and the video ends.

Top5. Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster

Masha and the Bear is a Russian animated television series.The show focuses on the adventures of a little girl named Masha and a fatherly bear that always keeps her safe from disasters.

Top6. Johny Johny Yes Papa - LooLoo Kids

the song was first featured on YouTube in 2007, where it was used in an Indian 5 Star commercial.[4] The nursery rhyme has been recreated by many other edutainment YouTube channels targeting young children.[6] As of 20 August 2020, a video containing the song, uploaded to YouTube by Loo Loo Kids in 2016,[1] has more than 3.7 billion views, making it the sixth-most-viewed video on the site, as well as the second-most-viewed nursery rhyme video and one of the top 10 most-disliked YouTube videos.

Top7. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

Mars and his frequent collaborator Cameron Duddy directed the video released on 17 November 2014. In it Ronson and Mars are wearing clothing from the late 1970s and 1980s. Mars wears a "salmon-colored blazer" and both put on sunglasses. Throughout most of the "retro" video, Ronson, Mars and The Hooligans are singing, walking and dancing in the middle of the streets. Ronson is seen mostly lingering in the background, while Mars takes the spotlight.

Top8. Gangnam Style - Psy

As one comment under this video said,’fun fact: this is probably the first kpop song you listened to but didnt know it was kpop’

Top9. Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm Miroshka TV

“Smiling eggs on a farm change color, break and change shape. Learn these six colors: black, brown, pink, white, red, blue. Happy viewing,” says the description by ‘Miroshka TV’. Comments have been disabled. Yet the video already has a staggering 3.5 BILLION views!

Top10. Sorry --Justin Bieber

A dance video for "Sorry" was released on October 22, 2015.The video, which features the New Zealand dancers of ReQuest Dance Crew and The Royal Family dance crew, was directed and choreographed by New Zealander Parris Goebel, who also appears as a dancer.The video was initially intended to be a lyric video and was eventually kept as a dance video. As of June 2020, the music video has received 3.3 billion views on YouTube, making it the tenth most viewed video on the site,

Part2.How to watch the most-viewed YouTube video without ad

Step 1. Search and download the app

The way to download YouTube Vanced is easy and sample. You can find it in Google store or in the official website.Or you can just click on the button below to download it.

Get YouTube Vanced

Step2. Search the video you want to watch on the search bar

After you download and install it, open it and you will find there is a search bar on the top of the screen.Here you can enter the keyword of the video.Then you will find the results available on YouTube.

Step3. Enjoy videos without ads.

Find out your desired video in the results and play it. Then you can enjoy videos without ads!

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