Trending Thai Songs for YT Music Play


With the booming emergence of digital media in the world, one of the major positives it presented is to give a platform for artists from different countries. Movies and Music among nations gained much more exposure taking advantage of technological advances, K drama can be taken as the prime example. Bands like BTS in fact captured worldwide appreciation and fan following and opened the door for the Korean music scene in a much wider sense. Thai Music is another industry that is emerging with its indigenous style and sensibility, here we are creating a playlist of 10 Thai songs that is making a sound appreciation in its native land.

ANATOMY RABBIT – Extraordinary

INK WARUNTORN – Eyes don't lie

Three Man Down –Taa Ter Rak Chan Jing (If You Love Me)

F.HERO Ft. Txrbo - Defendant Of Love

Getsunova – Kwaam ngiap dang tee sut

PALMY - Son Ga Lin

Billkin - Skyline


First Anuwat - Crazy

Zom Marie - Reu Chan Kit Bpai Ayng

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