Top Songs of Pop Thai for YT Music Play


This week we are continuing our presence with the Thai music playlist creating another Thai contemporary music playlist with some amazing songs produced from the country. Along with explaining to you how the YT background Player works with the new Pure Tuber app! Take a look!

Tilly Birds – คิด(แต่ไม่)ถึง (Same Page?)

GUNGUN – วาฬเกยตื้น

Mirrr – นิโคติน

Stamp – 1%

MILLI – พักก่อน

Colorpitch – หมอก

Rooftop, AUTTA – คนเราจะแอบรักใครสักคนได้นานแค่ไหน


Zommarie – หรือฉันคิดไปเอง

Three Man Down – ฝนตกไหม

Background Music Player

To get a music player-like function in the normal YT app where you can play all those videos or music just like a music player, The feature is not included in the normal YT Player but here comes the solution for it.

Pure Tuber is your YT Manager app that enables a ton of advanced features where you can watch all your YT Videos. Works similarly to normal YT, You get a home page, trending page, Subscriptions here you can directly import your youtube subscription to Pure tuber, etc are placed along with a search option on the top side of the app.

The background player is placed right below the video screen when you open and plays a video. Clicking on that, the video on the screen will be queued into the phone background like in a music player and you will be able to find music navigation keys on the phone notification bar.

Pure Tuber is stocked with much more features including the Video and Audio download from YT, Background Music Play of YT content, Pop Up player for using other applications while continuing watching the videos, etc.

The Background Music player is placed below the video screen when you play a video in Pure Tuber, One-tap over it will initiate the background player. There will be a music navigation tool in the phone notification bar. YT downloader is also placed beside the background player, tapping on the top of it, the user will get the options to select the format, video or audio, and quality of the download. Pure Tuber supports 144p to 4k in video downloads. A pop Up player enables the video to stream in a small floating screen over the phone display and users will be able to use other applications. The floating screen can reside and the option is the third feature placed in the feature bar beneath the video screen along with other features.

Excited? Download Pure Tuber from the official website by clicking below.

Get Pure Tuber

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