Top Series to Watch on December 2020 YouTube Vanced


2020 is almost on its edges to say farewell to us, to be honest, this was not the perfect year for most people and we have seen what it is by living through these troublesome periods. One thing that we most enjoyed during this period is to watch these mind-blowing series and while the years took their toll on us and now prepared to bid its farewell, these are our picks for a quality binge watch on this chilling December.

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Queen’s Gambit

An absolute fan favorite of 2020. This Netflix original deals with the story of Beth Harmon, An orphan chess prodigy in the age of the cold war. Anya Taylor‑Joy producing a mind-blowing performance portraying the central character itself is enough reason to binge-watch this drama but the cold war political background, the emotional conflict itched with characters, and the trajectory of the plot together make this one of the best dramas in 2020.


A fan of cartel thrillers? ZeroZeroZero is Amazon prime's newest addition to the genre, a plot that expands into lands of America, Europe, and African nations. All cut loose when a shipment of cocaine faces struggle to reach where it should be and with the demise of the shipment company head, there are more than enough people to manipulate the situation and new leaders trying to reestablish the old links. This series has enough twists and turns for a compelling binge experience

I Know This Much Is True

Lauded as one of the career-best performances of Mark Ruffalo, “I Know This Much Is True” tells the story of the Birdsey brothers who are identical twins. An intense drama that evolves through these two characters and how they deal with their world around them. The dramatic elements include the issues of mind of the characters and their emotional instability in their personal lives. A perfect watch for those who seek pure acting genius and intense characters.

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