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Adam Sandler indeed became a synonym for stress-busting eccentric comedies. We don’t watch him for exquisite performances, the edge of seat storytelling or to feel the catharsis but for a much simpler aspect of pure fun. We like him for his crisp crunching wit, no and never any logic but the unbelievably fun story and how the make-belief works perfectly because there is so much of laughter included while we watch those movies. Herewith this article, we will look into his top 5 movies that made our times a little better but also with movies that he produced some incredible performances.

Punch-Drunk Love

The breaking movie of his career. Partnering with the ace director Paul Thomas Anderson. Anderson bagged the best director award in the Cannes festival in 2002 for this movie along with other awards in different festivals. Sandler had already established himself as a goofy and youngish comedian through his earlier movies but the lead role in Punch-Drunk Love paved the way for him turning point in his career. His portrayal of a complex and socially awkward character with so many inner layers from frustrations to self-loathing acclaimed the praise of pundits along with the public.

Billy Madison

One of the early appearances of Sandler after his noticeable TV presence with Saturday Night Live. Billy Madison is directed by Tamra Davis and the movie is now known as the one that gave credible answers to those who doubted the big screen presence of Adam Sandler. With a wacky and silly comedy with his trademark timing, Sandler built his profile as likable to all. Dealing ultimately with a son and father issues, the son’s ultimate efforts to prove his worth to inherit his father’s wealth the movies ended up with giving Sandler the perfect role which he made the most of the opportunity.

Funny People

Funny People released in 2009. By the time of its release, Adam Sandler already established himself as one of the leading actors when it comes to the genre of comedy. In fact a heavyweight with his performances in the movies like Punch-Drunk Love. After that, he continued to do comedy movies rather than exploring versatility with roles expanding various genres. funny people tell the story of Jeff Apatow, a struggling comedian who is faced with a life-threatening illness. The reflection he makes on those times including his past mistakes, Movies that are flopped in the background of the situation, gives us a tender, soul searching and Indeed with great fun included viewing experience.

Happy Gilmore

Probably one of the earliest movies that explored Adam Sandler’s potential as an actor. Released a year after Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore explored his skill as an actor. Deals with a comedy actor who loses his mind in a golf course, A plot that is more absurd than his earlier attempts with Billy Madison, but together created a sound base for Sandler’s career with comedy.

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