The Easiest Way to Download YT Videos


YT is famous and on number two in the list of most used websites. It is an excellent and useful platform that allows people to watch videos related to entertainment, curricular learnings, guidelines for recreational activities, and many more. Almost 2 billion people log in to the YT account monthly. Among YTrs of the world, statistical analysis shows that 40.9% of YT watch time is on mobile phones.

Most people prefer watching videos online but sometimes we need to have our favorite videos available on our smartphones. YT does not provide you with the downloading feature for all videos, and here is where the sad part kicks in. You can download YT videos for your personal use but you are not allowed to reproduce that video according to YT terms and conditions.

If you are sensible then you must know that it is not allowed to steal video content from YT. If you want to share it with your friends, YT gives you the share option. Have a sudden urge of wanting a video for your personal use? Multiple third-party apps provide this feature, and they allow you to download videos in multiple formats. The formats can include MP4, MPEG, and many more. For android operated YT apps, YouTube Vanced is the best among them. Some other apps are; y2mate, snap tube, airy, and many others.

The best one - YouTube Vanced:

It is an innovative app, which provides you with features such as downloading videos in the format you want. This easy-to-use application can bring your favorite videos on your phone without any hassle.


The main feature of YouTube Vanced is anyone can download a video in HD format with high-quality music. The resolution is best once you download videos like it allows you to download and watch videos from resolution range 1080p, HD, 2K, 720p, and 4K. It also depends on the internet connection and network you are using for the downloading. The video quality of 4K will provide you with the best visual content, so stream your videos to your heart is content!

Play-back/Background play-back:

With this video downloader, anyone can enjoy the background play-back unlike any YT downloader; you don't need to bound yourself for only one app due to this feature. At the same time, you can enjoy your work and can perform other tasks too. You have to click the popup button; it will appear on the screen in a shorter box-like window on a phone screen. You can listen to music on a locked screen too. It will not bound you to not locking your screen, especially while driving. Just search, click, play, lock the screen and enjoy the music.

MP3 version:

YouTube Vanced also provides the feature of converting into mp3 format. That's why you can say this is like an all-in-one package.

Ad-blocking features:

Aren’t pop-up ads the worst thing one has to face? No worries! YouTube Vanced has ad-blocking features to avoid interruptions, so no pop-up ads will distract you while watching videos on YT.

Some other features are:

You can sync this app with the YT account too if you want to keep the history and synchronize the YT with this app for downloading purposes.

YouTube Vanced will allow you to watch a video on repeat.

You can hear the YT music while you are locking the screen of your phone.

It would be best if you continued updating the app to enjoy the updated version.

Installation of this app:

You have to go to the google play store to download YouTube Vanced on your smartphone. Simply write "YouTube Vanced," and click on the search button, then click on the download button and wait for a few seconds. Once installed, open the app and install it on your phone.


Privacy is the most important feature that we look for while downloading some new applications on our smartphones. YouTube Vanced ensures the privacy of the user. This amazing app will never violate the rule and track your private data. So, you can browse and play content in the safe zone. None of your personal information will be disrupted, and you are good to go!

Steps to download the video from the YouTube Vanced:

  1. Download and Install the app from the android app store
  2. Open the app
  3. Search your desired video, and when the respective YT video on YouTube Vanced appear on the screen
  4. Set the quality you want to download the video.
  5. There will be some options below the respective video. Just click on the download button with the download mark.
  6. Click video or audio, whatever you want to download
  7. There will be a proper chart with the specifications you have chosen for the downloading. Have a look once again.
  8. Then download it.

Is this app legal?

We are all scared of getting involved in illegal activity. Sigh, because this app is completely legal! YT won’t bug for using YouTube Vanced either. This is a trustworthy source for viewing videos, and for those of you who are concerned about why this application doesn’t exist for ios users, the YouTube Vanced team is planning to develop this application for windows and iOS users. This application is used for entertainment purposes only, so chill out!

So what are you waiting for, install YouTube Vanced and enjoy watching your favorite content however you feel comfortable, it might be cozying up in bed, or with your friends! YouTube Vanced has multiple features, all you have to do is explore them, and choose your favorite one! The best thing is that this app is free of cost, so you do not have to spend hefty amounts of cash to get your hands on YouTube Vanced. This app is somehow or the other connected to YT as it only allows you to view content that is on YT.

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