The Best Way in Android to Download Videos from YT


To download videos from YT, what is the best way? Do we need to do it through an online portal? Are there any apps available for this? If so, does that require any rooting and any other extra settings on the android phone? How about the safety of the device if we go through the rooting or anything of that sort?

There are plenty of questions in our minds when we search for a way to get videos downloaded from YT. I’ve been through it and most of what is mentioned above. I’ve tried online sites for downloading but it has been bombarded with click bites that took me to unwanted websites. It was embarrassing. I’ve come through some other solutions like YT root but those are always skeptical. I couldn't find anything on Google Play for obvious reasons. So now I need a youtube apk mod application that will enable the downloading option.

I came across YT Vanced Tuber. It is an advanced youtube client that gives us easy access to all the content on YT. In fact, the app works just like YT but the difference is the advanced features that it gives. But before that, what reminds me is an old another app called YouTube Vanced. So I went through both the applications and found that though the names have certain resemblances, the new YouTube Vanced tuber is advanced in every way.


The main difference between these two apps begins with the point when we start the app download itself. The new YouTube Vanced Tuber is an easy download. You just have to click the download button and give the permissions. But when it comes to old YouTube Vanced, the process is a little bit longer than I expected as you see the process in the picture below.

Along with that, YouTube Vanced Tuber is much more equipped with some unique and amazing features. The list starts from an in-built ad blocker to background music player, Pop up player, Free video & audio downloader, etc. All these features are basically free and extremely easy to use.

Get Pure Tuber

The features can be seen right under the video screen apart from the ad blocker which is an inbuilt facility. From an overall point of view, the new YouTube Vanced Tuber is easy to use which has a pleasing user interface and feature. It doesn't require any other apps or processes like rooting to make it work. Features like YT Video Download are one click away along with given options to select the quality of the download.

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