The Best 10 Movie BackGround Scores By Hans Zimmer


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Hans Zimmer is one of the greeted ever film composers ever graced our movies. The statement is not one ounce overstated or understated considering the volume of his work and the kind of impact he made working together with some of the most legendary directors and movies. Interstellar, Inception, Batman Series, Gladiator, Rush, Man of Steel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thin Red Line, etc are some of the movies that gained a cult status, which was also associated with Hans Zimmer. The sheer greatness of the names mentioned itself proves the status of the composer and he continues to amaze us in movies elevating emotions in a way that we never were used to with movie background scores. A Deceptive meditation that elevates the theme of the narrative in the most organic way inside our minds.



The Dark Knight

The Lion King


True Romance

The Last Samurai

The Da Vinci Code

The Holiday

Pirates Of The Caribbean

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