The Best of T-POP- Know the 8 Top Artists


We are familiar with K-Pop songs, the extreme popularity of KDrama invariably helps the country’s music scene too. Both now establishing their own space in the industry. The expansion in fact reached its epitome with BTS becoming a worldwide success with millions of followers and fans. But have you heard about T-Pop? Comes straight from Thailand to the new arena of exposure where the world is slowly starting to acknowledge the inherent brilliance of the artist and songs. This article introduces you to eight amazing T-Pop artists and one of a popular song created by each of them. This will indeed give you an insight into an industry that is ready to explore.

Tata Young

The queen of Asian Pop she is called in Thailand and the most famous pop artist in the country whose international fame reached with the arrival of the song ‘I Believe”


A prominent figure in contemporary Thai pop, Klear’s "One Time Won’t Kill You" is setting the standards by topping the musical charts of the country

Bird Thongchai

Probably the most famous male voice in the country’s pop industry, with his appeal in looks and romantic songs he produces, his success is no surprise to any with also making appearances in dramas.

Golf Mike

The brother duo of Gold and Mike are known for creating content with a touch of funny lyrics and with dance moves that are amazing. Their live concerts are eccentric and an event to go crazy for good reasons.

Atom Chanagun

With a unique voice and style of presentations, they find people’s minds by telling stories of drama in relationships.To his credit, he constantly keeps the quality of his content which made the mark for him.

Da Endorphine

A four-member band that gained fame through their catchy music and lively performances. Even though they broke up after a while, their music still prevails as one of the best in T Pop


Another band, this time a boy band, the two-member band created waves with their soulful and heartfelt ballads songs. The duo was looked after by the youth but unfortunately, the band broke up after a while.

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