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Having movie nights with the family is one of the best parts of the holiday season. A tradition of sorts, it carries a lot of nostalgia and fond memories while allowing us to create new ones. So, keeping up with the spirit of the holidays, we have put together a list of animated Christmas movies that demand you rewatch them this year. Or, if you have been living under a rock all these years and have never watched these unique features, then do not put them off any longer.

The Polar Express - 2004

Arthur Christmas - 2011

Frozen - 2013

The Grinch - 2018

Klaus - 2019

If you are not in the mood for watching an animated Christmas movie, then you can give these a try:

Home Alone - 1990

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - 2005

Noelle - 2019

All these movies are readily available on one OTT (Over The Top) platform or the other. Some you might even find on YT, and that too in a decent resolution. But the thing is, from Netflix to Disney+, all the OTT platforms require you to have a subscription, and as for YT, the ads are just too much sometimes.

We have a few alternatives to offer to save you from added troubles and ensure that the Christmas spirit remains intact.

Third-Party Applications

There are a few applications that aim to make the video streaming experience as smooth as possible, and Pure Tuber is one of those.

YouTube video download

If by any chance, you end up finding one of these movies on YT, then you can download it using Pure Tuber. The app functions as a YT mp4 downloader, i.e., it lets you download YT videos in an mp4 format. Additionally, you can download the video in a resolution of your choice, including 720p, 1080p, 2K HD, and 4K. The app gives you the option to download several YT videos at once.

This feature could come in handy when:

  • You are on the go
  • The internet connection is faulty
  • You want to enjoy an ad-free video

With Pure Tuber, you can finally stop looking up ‘how to download YT videos and enjoy your favorite movies not just during the holiday season but all year round.


Pure Tuber can be downloaded from various platforms, like Apkpure, Google Play Store, Vivo Store, and Oppo Store. It is also available on the official website.

Moreover, the app runs on Android as well as iOS devices.

Additional Features

Pure Tuber has many more features that improve your video streaming experience exponentially. The app works as a YT mp3 downloader and allows you to download YT audio in high quality. By downloading videos in an mp3 format, you will be saving up on a lot of storage space.

With Pure Tuber, you can enjoy YT videos while toggling between other apps on your device. This is made possible by the picture in picture mode that the app offers. The video being watched is played on a tiny floating window on your phone’s screen.

In addition to this, using Pure Tuber, you can play YT videos in the background while simultaneously performing other tasks on your phone.

Another feature worth mentioning is that with Pure Tuber, you can uninterruptedly enjoy YT videos. The app is free of ads and promotions. So, say, if you decide to watch a movie on a whim, then you would be able to enjoy it without annoying ads interrupting it repeatedly.


Fortunately, Pure Tuber can be used free of any charges. If you decide to use Pure Tuber this holiday season, you can do it without worrying about any additional expenses.

How to get Pure Tuber?

Accessing Pure Tuber involves a few simple steps.

Download the app here > Install the downloaded apk > Login with YT.

That’s all!

Online Streaming Websites

Aside from Pure Tuber, you can also stream your favorite animated Christmas movies on online movie and tv show streaming websites. Nowadays, quite a few streaming websites host almost all the latest movies for viewers to enjoy. The problem with watching a movie on these free platforms is the repeated buffering, which ruins the entire experience. Plus, a 90 minutes long movie ends up being 120 minutes long. Then there is the unbeatable number of popup ads, but those you can block using an ad-blocking extension. If all else fails, this can be your last resort.

To Sum it All Up

The holidays are the best time of the year, and we all want to make the most of this fantastic time. If watching Christmas movies with the family is your way of celebrating, then give the movies mentioned above a watch, for undoubtedly they will amp up the holiday spirits. And if you want to make the process super easy, consider using Pure Tuber to stream incredible Christmas movies.

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