Pure Tuber: The Arrival of A Better YT


One application for all your video watching experience, That that is absolutely free and far better than the YT app, one that you can directly access all the YT videos with much more advanced features. The new Pure Tuber app created with all these essential things considered and it fulfills all the promises it made while making.

Through Pure Tuber, users can access all the videos from YT without a worry. The added features include the in-built ad-free player, direct video and audio downloader that supports 144p to 4k downloading quality, background music play of YT videos, Pop Up player for multitasking while watching videos. All these features make Pure Tuber a nonbrainer bargain especially considering that it comes for free. To know the app more, we will be explaining its features in detail below.

No Ads at All

Yes, there are no ads in Pure Tuber. Not in the app, not when you play any of the videos. The ad-blocking feature is built-in, in the app and it effectively prevents any ads from playing. Essentially the feature ensures that the user will get a flawless and uninterrupted time when they watch videos or play music from Pure Tuber

Video & Audio Downloader

Now with Pure Tuber, users will be able to download YT videos and audios safely and securely through the downloader feature. The option is placed right below the video screen when you play a video along with its features. A tap on it will give the users option to select the format, whether video or audio and then the quality, upon selecting that, you can click yes to start the download. Simple as it sounds.

Background Music Player

This is another prime feature included in Pure Tuber, It simply enables the videos in the app to be played as audio in the phone background, just like a music player on YT Videos. Users can select any videos to avail of this option and it is also placed near the Downloader feature below the video screen. One-touch on the Background button will queue the studio into the phone background. There will be music navigation keys where the music can be controlled and it is available in the phone navigation bar.

Pop Up Player

The pop Up player comes in handy when users want to use another application like WhatsApp or Instagram and but do not want to cut the video watching. The Pop Player helps to continue the video streaming in a small floating screen on the phone display. The feature button is also placed in the feature bar below the video screen. A simple tap on the button will turn the video app into a floating screen where the video will be playing.

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