Pure Tuber: A Cut Above the YouTube


All you want in YouTube to add on their mobile app and things that you always find missing, or things that you have to pay to use, Pure Tuber presents a clear non-brainer bargain app to all your YouTube worries. Pure Tuber is an advanced YouTube client that enables users to stream all the YouTube content through the app added with advanced features. Direct Video and Audio Downloader, Ad-Free streaming experience for all content, Background Music Player, Pop-Up Player, are some of the features included in the app.

This article looks further look into the major features offered by the app and how users can avail themselves.

Ad-Free Video Streaming

Three will not be any advertisements interrupting when you watch videos or listening to music in Pure Tuber unlike in the normal YouTube application that fills with ads all the time, in music, and in other content. The ads that normally show up before, after, or during then content streaming will be blocked by Pure Tuber’s advanced ad blocking system designed inbuilt in the app setting. The user need not do anything to get the feature run but it will be active from the moment the app is open and the video is playing

Background Music Play

Pure Tuber is an idle Hamlett for music lovers. Now using Pure Tuber, you can play music from YouTube on your phone background just like a music player is placed, The feature is placed right below the video screen and one tap on it will enable the background music to play. Navigation bar to control music functions is also available on the phone notification bar that you can scroll down from the top. Precisely the feature gives users the option to play unlimited and never-ending music from YouTube including all those cover versions, mashups, etc that are normally not available in music apps.

Video and Audio Downloader

Another amazing feature from Pure Tuber. The app has an option for users to download YouTube content through the safe and secure downloading feature included in the app. Like the background player feature, the downloader is also placed beneath the video screen and one touch on it will initiate the process. The user will be able to choose the format of the downlaod first, either video or audio, and the quality of the download too after selecting the format. Pure Tuber Supports 144p to 4k downloads accordingly.

Pop Up Player

A go-to option when you don't want to stop watching a video while having to check up on other apps. The Pop Up Player feature in Pure Tube ensures that both can be done simultaneously. When you touch on top of the feature which is placed near the other features below the video screen, the video will be playing in a converted small floating screen on the display of the phone and you will be able to open other applications too in the meantime. The video screen can be resized and it can also move through dragging

Pure Tuber also have the option to import user’s subscriptions from the normal YouTube application and with all the features that it offers, makes the app a valuable and majorly valuable version of the YouTube content streaming experience

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