Playlist for Monday Chills on Ad-Free YT Music


It's Monday. You can go either way on a Monday, the seriousness of a new week, or the hubris of a weekend. Anyway, the weekend is over and there is no point looking back and thinking bad about things that are over, It's better to seize the moments and look forward to what's coming. It's the last week of February and the year is already two months old. Time travels fast and we better be happy and live the moments. with that in mind, here we decided to go with a happy vibe and check for songs to play while having a chill time. We hope things songs make your Monday and soul happy.

Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining ft. Robin Schulz

U2—Beautiful Day

The Knocks—Learn to Fly

Electric Guest—This Head I Hold

C2C ft. D. Martin—Happy

Curtis Mayfield—Move on Up

Good Day—Nappy Roots

Daft Punk—Give Life Back to Music

Michael Jackson—Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough

Bon Jovi—Have a Nice Day

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It’s all about making a happy Monday, that's the sole reason behind making a happy playlist, but the moment when we start playing these songs on YT, there comes the unwanted guest. The YT ads. Random and everywhere, these ads spoil the vibe and mood but not anymore.

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A YT manager app means users can access all the videos on YT through the manager app and have features that are not available on YT. Pure Tuber does not just come with the AdBlocker but much more features like Video and Audio Downloader, Pop-Up player, Background Music Player to play Music from YT, etc.

Explaining one by one of these features, The Video and Audio Downloader simply enables users to download YT videos or audio directly. The Download feature is placed right below the video screen in Pure tUber and with a simple tap on that will start the download process, you will find options to select the format (Audio or Video) and download quality before initiating the download.

Pop Up player allows people to use other applications while they can continue watching videos, the video will be played on a small and adjustable screen on the phone display. This feature is also placed near the download options beneath the video screen.

By using a background music player, you can listen to music from YoUtube like any other music app. The small menu will appear in the notification window where you can manage the basic music options like any other music app offers. But ultimately it helps you from sticking on the YT screen just to listen to music.

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