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One of the features that the YT app on Android and IOS-powered devices lacks is the inability of the app to play YT videos in the background. Sometimes you just want to sit back and use your favorite apps as your favorite YT video runs in the background.

Lucky for you, you can play YT in background on iPhone, and there's no rocket science involved in it either. But how to play YT in background iPhone? Don't worry, in this article; we'll be answering just that!

YouTube does allow users to use its video app to play music in the background, but there is a catch: you must be a Premium customer to do so. Of course, you may utilize the YT Music app, but again you must have a membership to do so!

Using Safari to play YT in background IOS

If you're considering downloading a 'play YT in background app,' think again. You can easily play YT in the background of IOS devices using their trademark browser – SAFARI. Here's what you need to do.

Apple: break Safari's anti-tracking rules and we'll treat you like malware  - CNET

  • Open YT on Safari.
  • Navigate to the YT video you want to play in the background.
  • In the address bar, tap the 'Aa' symbol.
  • From the drop-down menu, select 'request desktop site.'
  • Start your video by pressing the 'play' button.

When you return to your home screen or lock your phone, the music will cease to play because the video has finished streaming. However, you can simply get it to play again without having to return to the browser. To work around this, follow the below steps to play YT in background iPhone.

  • Open the ‘Control Center.’
  • Locate the music player widget.
  • Press 'play.’

When you drop down Control Centre after that, you will be faced with the option to play the music. Once it's playing, you may lock your iPhone and play and pause it from the lock screen interface.

To play YT in the background while your phone is locked, simply lock your iPhone and look for a music widget control on the lock screen. When you press the play button, the audio will continue to play in the background.

Play YT in background on iPhone using different browsers

Using a separate web browser is another method for playing YT videos in the background. Many users report success while watching YT videos in the background via the iOS web browser applications Opera, Dolphin, and Firefox.

Web Browser - Computer Science GCSE GURU

The process of playing YT videos in the background using other browsers is very similar to playing YT videos in background using Safari and promises you seamless YT background playback.

Play YT in background on iPhone using apps

If any of the above option didn’t resonate with you, look for an app that can play YT videos in the background, such as ‘iPlay Tube,’ on the App Store. If you can't locate this app, there are others that function similarly: such apps are frequently deleted from the App Store.

iPlay Tube - Video Music Play on the App Store

Use the search option to pick the music you wish to listen to, and then begin watching the video. Wait until any advertisements have ended and the main video has begun to play before listening to the music in the background. Return to the home screen now. The music should continue to play, but swipe to bring up the Control Center if it does not. To continue listening to the soundtrack from the YT video, press the play button.

You may also play YT in background with your iPhone screen turned off. Press the sleep/wake button to power off your device. If the audio stops, hit the power button once again and tap the 'play' button on the lock screen to resume the audio. When you turn off your Apple device, the audio will now continue to play.

Play YT in background on iPhone using Pure Tuber

Our favorite YT client, Pure Tuber, is now back with a bang. The newer version of Pure Tuber are iPhone-friendly, and you can do a lot more than play YT videos in the background using Pure Tuber. Using Pure Tuber, you can block YT ads, play youtube in background (or in picture-in-picture mode), download YT videos and audio, and do a lot more!

Ending note

As you might have already grasped by now, you can easily play YT in background on iPhone. The process isn't complicated, and you can master the technique within seconds!

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