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If you are an anime lover,then you must know One Piece.The One Piece manga was nominated for the 23rd Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category 1999. It was a finalist for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize three times in a row from 2000 to 2002, with the highest number of fan nominations in the first two years.

On June 15, 2015, it was announced that Eiichiro Oda and One Piece had set the Guinness World Record for "The most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author" with 320,866,000 copies printed worldwide as of December 2014.

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Here we have a collection of some of the best One Piece videos and would like to share with you.


There are more than 900 episodes in One Piece. Let ‘s have a quick view for the whole One Piece history.

Big Mom vs Queen | One Piece

This is the difference between an Emperor and a Commander. And Big Mom will tell you who is the real queen and the right label of a true yonko.

Top 10 Most Badass Moments in One Piece

Here are the Top 10 Badass Moments in One Piece. There are major plot revelations ahead, so a spoiler alert is now in effect. I’m pretty sure you will agree that it is an ingenious moment with few rivals in other anime. Watch till the end and pick your NO1 moment.

Akainu vs Ace | Ace Protect Luffy from Akainu's Magma (English Sub)

This is the most heartbreaking moment in One Piece. Ace is punched by a magma fist through the back by Admiral Akainu, and falls into Luffy's arms. He then thinks about his past, and remembers his goal in life: to find out whether or not he had deserved to be born. Akainu proceeds to attack Luffy, but Jinbe stops his advance. Marco and Vista then rush to the aid of Luffy and strike Akainu with Haki imbued attacks, but realize they are ineffective against the admiral. As everyone else stares in shock at Ace's wounds, they deduce that his organs were burned beyond help, and tell Luffy that Ace will not make it. Just as Ace dies, he thanks Luffy for everything and everyone for loving him. Luffy is then seen crying for the loss of his brother.

One Piece - Luffy declares war on the world Government [Full HD]

Robin, moved by the depth of Luffy's action, cries out that she wants to live and wants to return to the sea with the Straw Hats. The rest of the Straw Hats then prepare to do battle with CP9 and save Robin.

The miracle heroic God Captain Usopp funny moment

If you are a big fan of One Piece,then this is the moment you cannot miss. This is the funniest moment in One Piece. God usopp is a living spoiler machine. Everything he says eventually becomes true somehow

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