Not anymore you are forced to watch ads in YT


This issue came up when my colleague asked me to buy YouTube Premium with him.

He said that it would only cost more than 100$ a year. It must be that youtube ads have become more and more unethical recently, so he wants to subscribe to YouTube Premium to avoid those ads. But I replied that I never had ads on YT on my phone. Only then did he know that there was an application called Pure Tuber. And without thinking, I know that he is an iOS user.

If you are an Android phone user and not aware of Pure Tuber. And you have spent a lot of time on YT every day, then you have missed so much in the past. But it’s not late yet, we all know that there are more and more ads on YT nowadays, and I know that YTr earns income via advertising, so I am personally willing to watch ads to watch videos for free, but YT’s advertising is becoming more and more intolerable for me.YT is getting more and more comfortable with the 2 non-skip ads and wastes my time. and when I found Pure Tube, I can stop being addicted to it, because it makes watching YT videos so convenient to me.

Advantages of Pure Tuber

Pure Tube is an application that enables you to use all the advanced features in YT. With it, you will get a much more great experience than the official YT.This application does not need to run Google Play Services. Set and change the quality of the video. You can download videos and audio in different resolutions. You can play the video in the background even with the screen off. For multitasking, you can play the video as a pop-up window.

How to download and install Pure Tuber?

Pure Tuber provides so many amazing features, while these features violate the relevant rules on Google Play, so you can’t find Pure Tuber on Google Play. But it doesn't matter, you can download it directly from its official website, which is also the safest download method recommended by the Pure Tuber team.After entering the official website, you will see an obvious download button at the bottom of the page, click to start downloading the Pure Tuber apk file.

When installing, because it is not an app from Google Play, you need to agree to authorization. This step is also very simple, just follow the prompts. Agree to download apps from unknown sources in settings.

After installation, you can open the app, enjoy the ad-free world.

Download the app by clicking below

Get Pure Tuber

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