No More YouTube Restrictions with YouTube Vanced


YouTube is the official app for the world's biggest and most famous video platform. It's home to a large number of videos, with countless new clips uploaded each day. Billions of people use the YouTube app daily. But when it comes to the app experience, we all have to face many restrictions while using it.

What are the restrictions on the YouTube app?

Here is the list of the restrictions that we face on the YouTube app:

1) No background play support: As we all know, the original YouTube has not provided a background play option yet. Due to that, we can’t use the app while the phone is locked.

2) No popup play support: The app also doesn’t support a popup play. Because of that, we are not able to use other apps while watching videos.

3) No offline access for downloaded videos: Though YouTube has given a download option, we can’t access downloaded videos out of the YouTube app.

4) No option to turn off video ads: This is the worst thing that we are forced to watch those intrusive video ads, and it seems like we are never going to get an option to turn off that.

Is there any solution for that?

Yes, now you have a perfect solution for that, and it is called YouTube Vanced. It is a brand new android app that lets you enjoy YouTube without facing the above-mentioned restrictions. Just like its name, the app has some advanced features that make your YouTube experience much better than the original YouTube app. YouTube Vanced is the modified version of the YouTube app and is much lightweight in terms of size (Only 7MB). YouTube Vanced has the same interface as the YouTube app, which means you will easily get familiar with the app even while using it for the first time.

What features does the YouTube Vanced app have?

Here is the list of some premium features that the YouTube Vanced app offers:

1. Background Play Support: You can play any video in the background using YouTube Vanced. No more restrictions of keeping your phone’s screen on. Enjoy YouTube music videos just like you enjoy on the music apps.

2. Popup Play Support: You also get the option to play any video in picture-in-picture mode. This feature allows you to use any other application while watching videos simultaneously.

3. Download Support: YouTube Vanced has also provided a download option in the app. But it is completely different than the original YouTube app. Because using YouTube Vanced, you can download videos in MP4 format as well as audio in MP3 format. And the biggest difference is that you can access your downloaded contents from your phone’s gallery too, and not only in the app.

4. Ad Blocking Support: YouTube Vanced has a built-in ad blocker that will never let you see any ads as it blocks them automatically. You don’t see any kind of ads in the video as well as anywhere in the app.

Do we get these features for free?

YouTube has given some of these features in YouTube Premium, and if we want to use them then we have to pay around $11.99 for their monthly subscriptions. But YouTube Vanced is completely FREE of cost. It does not ask you for a single penny to use the app.

How to get YouTube Vanced app?

You can’t get the app from the Play Store, but there’s another simple and secure way to get it. Follow these simple steps:

> Visit the official website of YouTube Vanced app here

> Download the APK file from the website

> Install the downloaded APK file

Please note that the app is from an external source. Hence, you'll have to give all the necessary permissions while installing the app. And don’t worry, the app is completely safe and secure as it is security verified. So, download the YouTube Vanced app right now and enjoy it without any restrictions.

Get YouTube Vanced

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