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It’s time for a joyful madness. The new year's eve is just hours ahead and the not so good looking 2020 is close to an ending. Here are our recommendations for a delightful new year's eve experience.

1.“Gimme What I Want” - Miley Cyrus

The song is an experience, creating some amazing punk/alt rock vibes for an amazing night

2.“me & ur ghost”- Blackbear

Might hit hard this one but who cares, the song output is stunning with an exquisite craft in the direction department. A quality choice to add.

3.“Daphe Blue”- The Band CAMINO

A stunning spectacle of sound with Guitar and Drums. Go mad with the thumbing effect of it.

4.“Tangerine”- Glass Animals

The song creates a great vibe for all and I particularly liked the minimalists production of the song. In a whole, both the sound and visuals catched my eye.

5.“Kids (MPLS Version)”- Ben Rector

Adding some fun and feelgood charms into the list. Pure bliss for some happy feel good times

6.“Lost in Yesterday”- Tame Impala

Tame Impala’s Lost in yesterday creates a mix of Psychedelic, Punk and Pop music. In any way, the sound is amazing and an easy going song for all.

7.“Genghis Khan”- Miike Snow

The creative effect of this song is second to none and I think it is one of the underrated songs of our times.

8.“The Promise”- Larnell Lewis

A melody to the list is the last addition. A beautiful and warming song by Lernell lewis

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