Netflix's Most Expected Upcoming Series in January 2021


Netflix is all set to amaze us with their bench of exciting content at the beginning of the year. There are enough reasons for cinephiles to get excited about the range of announcements made by Netflix about their releases in January 2021. Here We will check out a few of the most exciting ones in their long list of announcements.

Pretend It’s a City

Another Martin Scorsese Collaboration with Netflix after the immense success of The Irishman. But more than that all you have to know to keep in your playlist is that it's about Fran Lebowitz. It is the second time that Scorsese is working on something related to the much-acclaimed author. Anyway, we don’t need to look more into the content when we know the kind of people associating. It will be available on January 8th.

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

The one for the murder thriller lovers. Yes, there are murders, not just one but plenty. blood too. This winter Netflix is all set to bring us the investigation of cold-blooded murders that started in the mid-on the eighties in California. The series of murders and sexual assaults were thought to be random until the arrival of Detective Gil Carrillo and homicide investigator Frank Salerno. They turn the stones and do the work. The series uses archival footage, photographs, and interviews of the infamous incident that originally happened. Available on January 13th

Kobra Kai Season 3.

Nostalgia is properly brought back by Netflix with the announcement of Kobra Kai season 3. The much-loved series is one of the all-time loved series. First released as a YT series later brought by Netflix. The story has a definite connection with the Karate Kid movies, where Kobra Kai takes upon the story 34 years after the original film. Streaming Now.

History of Swear Words.

Nicolas cage presenting the Netflix series History of Swear Words definitely raises the eyebrow for two obvious reasons. First that there is a genuine curiosity about the history of those swear words that people use on a daily basis probably and then the presence of a much-acclaimed actor like Nicolas Cage. For those who take up, the show will have a peculiar watch through the presence of Historians, Lexicographers, Authors, Cognitive Scientists, etc. Streaming Now

The Magicians Season 5.

We included this for people who are waiting for the last season to stream so that they can binge-watch the entire series. Yes, Season 5 will be the final season of the fantasy series. Like old wine, the series has niche followers who are adamant about the raising quality of the plot and storytelling season by season, and this one of those series that is getting popular by the mouth publicity. With magic touches and an intriguing plot, The Magicians in fact on an underrated gem.Available on January 15th

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