Methods to Remove 'Ads' from YT Videos


Ads on YT are ubiquitous, from top to bottom or even before videos; these ads bother us all, waste time, and distract content. In this blog, we are going to see the best solutions to end ads.

You've probably already tried going to your browser settings and removing cookies or going to YT settings desperately looking for an ad-blocking checkbox, but it didn't work.

There are 3 types of ads you can have on your browser and on YT:

· Text ads

· InStream video ads

· Image ads

These ads generate vast amounts of money for YT and Google. But we intend to remove them.

Why Are There A Lot Of Ads On YT?

In interacting with the service, users notice that there are a lot of ads on YT. It can be:

• Ad inserts while watching a video from YT or the channel's author;

• Advertising of the videos themselves;

• Offers to buy certain goods in the search results

The first type of promotional offers is the most common. The videos of the video blogger connecting the official monetization of YT will be accompanied by Google inserts. There can be many suggestions that are selected based on the analysis of user actions.

Also, the video blogger himself can make inserts even without connecting to monetization. In this case, the advertiser turns to him and offers a price for mentioning the video's product.

By opening the recommendations section, a portal visitor can see a lot of commercials. As a rule, they are marked with the "Advertising" icon. Such videos always go first in the search results and are posted for the money that the author of the channel pays to the YT platform.

Finally, when a user searches on YT for videos with an overview of gadgets, and other goods, in that case, advertising offers from stores may be displayed in the search bar. A person follows the link, getting to the product page, from where it can be ordered.

There is an opinion that a YT video without product placement is itself entirely an advertisement. Be careful when looking through product reviews, as the author's opinion can be completely biased.

Be that as it may, no one will argue with the fact that there are a lot of ads on YT. They literally climb out of all the cracks, completely negating the advantage over the TV. Why is this happening? To understand this issue, it is necessary to briefly recall the history of the service.

Video hosting originated back in 2005 when several American friends tried to create a platform for posting simple videos. Gradually, the service began to gain popularity. A year later, Google bought YT for more than one and a half billion dollars. It was a risky investment for a corporation that wasn't yet 100% certain that its future content was video.

Together with Google, YT has been actively developing. Thousands of users registered daily, posting jokes and other short videos. At that moment, it was impossible to think about any advertising. Still, everything changed with the advent of the first bloggers. They talked about their lives, filming everything that happened on camera. Their popularity grew noticeably, and YT announced the connection of monetization for in-demand creators.

That monetization is a complete copy of the current monetization. That is, the blogger received money for the fact that the viewer clicked on the ad insert in the video. But the money that Google used to give to authors and continues to give now is not enough to become a millionaire. Bloggers did not riot; they just started looking for another way to make money. For instance, they started inserting their own ads into their videos.

But advertising is inevitable. It is the primary source of income for the site, allowing YT to remain the most popular video hosting and the authors to build their careers. Nowhere is nowhere without product placement, but there are several effective ways to remove ads on YT.

How to Remove Ads on YT Using Applications?

The vast majority of video hosting traffic comes from Android devices. Modern Smartphone have a sufficient diagonal screen to view the video comfortably. When you change the device, ads do not disappear anywhere, and therefore you have to look for a way to block them.


It is quite a popular application that has already been downloaded over 5 million times. With such popularity, the average rating is kept at 4.4, which allows us to consider AdGuard is one of the most used and best ad blockers. Its primary purpose is to hide banners when visiting sites through a browser. AdGuard is perfectly adapted for Yandex Browser and other sites that provide access to the Internet. But now, we are interested in how the application allows you to get rid of ads on YT.

To complete the task, you need to open AdGuard and enable HTTPS filtering in the settings. This will help to get decryption of the data that is transmitted from YT to the server. Then you need to open the Smartphone settings to clear the data of the YT application. It is recommended to perform such a cleaning every time the phone restarts. Otherwise, advertisements will be displayed periodically.

Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser is a new application that has managed to establish itself on the positive side. It is based on the classic AdBlock, which works only within the program itself. Ads are still displayed in the YT app or when browsing through a browser.

Thus, with the proper level of comfort, you can watch videos only through the Adblock Browser. It is enough to open the application, go to the YT site from the search bar and start the interesting video. Playback will not be interrupted by annoying ad insertions.

YT Vanced Pro

The problem with many programs that block ads on YT is that the user needs to activate root rights. At the same time, the device owner is deprived of the rights to the warranty, and the Smartphone becomes more susceptible to viruses. With YT Vanced Pro, the problem disappears by itself since root access is not needed.

The only drawback of the application is its absence in the Play Store. You can download the apk file for further installation on the developer's official website. After that, YT will start working without ads.

To install apk files, you must activate the option to install applications from third-party sources in the device settings. YT Vanced Pro allows you to view videos in windowed mode.

Final Words

Which method to use is up to you? Yes, in many countries, users are not mainly accustomed to paying for informational content. Still, in recent years this situation has nevertheless changed. People understand that the price tag is not very high, and there are many opportunities. For example, in the USA, for a long time, most users use only licensed software and access all services only by subscription. However, their cost by our standards is several times higher.

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