Lena Del Ray- The Best Songs in YouTube Adfree


A flawless dream, Lena Del Ray is making us float through those dreams with her music since her breakthrough song "Born to Die". Spreading the element of sadness in the form of her dreamy cascade, she creates a peculiar world of music, something so authentic that we understand the signature from anywhere when we listen to the music. Her growth as a songwriter is steady and she had faithful followers who adore what she keeps in her music. With this article, we will list 10 of her best songs and also about how to listen to those from YouTube without advertisements for free.

Video Games

Born To Die


Old Money



Pretty When You Cry

National Anthem


Music To Watch Boys To

How to Play Ad Free from YouTube without Premium!

It is the same old story, YouTube ads are irritating and it always has a knack of timing to appear when things get the most interesting in the video. One possible solution put forward by YouTube to tackle this issue is to get a premium account but that demands money. A more simple and effective solution is now online in Google Play and that's called the YouTube Vanced Tuber.

YouTube Vanced Tuber prevents all the ads from showing on the video while you are playing it. Invariably it ensures a flawless and uninterrupted watching experience for the user. It is a YouTube manager app that is an integrated youtube client that allows people to enjoy all the YouTube content with free premium features. This YouTube advanced app comes with features such as an in-built adblocker, YouTube video, and audio downloader, Background music play from YouTube, Pop Up player, etc.

Extra features like YouTube downloader allows downloading videos and audio from Youtube, With Background music player, now you can play music from YouTube in the background of your phone, and with Pop-Up player, you can watch videos on a small floating screen while you can enjoy other applications too. In any case, The YouTube Vanced Tuber offers even much more than the paid YouTube premium.

By Using Vanced Tuber, there is no need for YouTube root or installing microg apk but a simple install from google play or from the link below will be enough to enjoy the amazing features provided by the app.

Click below to download Vanced Tuber

Get YouTube Vanced

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