Justin Timberlake’s Best 10 Songs Adfree on YT for free


The journey of Justin Timberlake is somewhat a curious one, A proper direction of how growth is happening to a creative human. His image of a bad boy in the early stages of his career has been turned into the image of a gentleman these days and that shows a remarkable aptitude in the way he worked on himself. The path of his reinventions is clearly visible in the trajectory of the works like “Justified”, FutureSex/LoveSounds, and 20/20 Experience.

His last produced album was Man of the woods released in 2018. Recent reports suggest that He is working on his new album. Justin Timberlake himself added credibility to the claim, confirming that he is working on his new project and will be released soon. Also adding that he has been in and out of studios these days working on the project.

Here, we will be having a close look at his songs with listing best of his ten songs along with an added information on how you can use YT without any ads while watching the videos for free without accessing the paid YouTube Premium.

10. LoveStoned

9. 4 Minutes

8. Not a Bad Thing

7. Can't Stop the Feeling

6. What Goes Around...Comes Around

5. Like I Love You

4. Mirrors

3. SexyBack

2. Cry Me a River

1. My Love

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