Is YouTube Vanced Safe?


In today’s era, everyone wants to be relaxed. There are a lot of options to relax but the best option is to watch some entertaining stuff. People love watching videos that best suit their interests. There are a lot of options to watch your favorite videos.

‘YouTube’ is a name that is in demand today but because of some of the drawbacks, people are losing interest too. Many people are switching themselves to other apps that are giving them the best user experience. The other alternative apps are replacing YouTube. The main reason why people are losing interest in it is because of the changes that YouTube is making in it and the things in which YouTube is lacking. The major change that YouTube has made was in lockdown, people can watch movies only up to 480p. There are many other reasons why people are shifting themselves to other platforms.

People believe there can’t be anything that can give the same features as YouTube. YouTube is the name that is known by every person. The app is highly trusted by all the people. With this trust of people, the other apps are being untrustworthy as people believe that if an app is giving you more benefits and is the same as Facebook, then it might be using illegal methods and is not safe to use. We will discuss everything about it in detail. Stay connected to know more.

Replacement of YouTube: “YouTube Vanced”

The highly demanding app that people used to say is an advanced version of YouTube is “YouTube Vanced”. “YouTube Vanced” is an app that makes the videos of all the people more enjoyable and entertaining and worth watching.

This app is developed by an XDA member. This app gives you many additional features that includes Ad blocking, background playing and pinch adjustments of zoom in/out, brightness and volume.

For using this application, you just need a good internet connection in an android mobile. Then just download the app and start enjoying its exceptional features that will make you feel happier while watching videos.

The main reason what makes it worth using it also provides that user to watch all the videos alike a premium user of YouTube as all the features that YouTube provides to the premium users are provided by YouTube vanced at free of cost. Not only this YouTube Vanced provides you with the downloading option. In the downloading option there is a further option to select the category to download the video in different qualities.

The question that comes to your mind is whether this app is safe or not? This app is providing you with everything that YouTube lacks in providing to people so they are getting afraid whether it might be not safe. We will be surely discussing this question.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

Whatever changes are made by developers of YouTube Vanced are seen by every other developer. This is because it is an open source app. Whatever changes the YouTube vanced developer will make can be seen by all other developers. This will make all other developers report any activity that seems to be suspicious.

If an application is an open source application you can trust it without any second thought. So you can trust YouTube Vanced app as well. Download the app from the original that is provided by the developer side only.

The app is very old and from so far nothing has happened that can be said is illegal or not safe for you the user. So, there is no need to worry at all.

The XDA developers used to provide very cool stuff like guides, custom kernel, ROMs, etc. XDA is the trusted and best android forum.

YouTube has billions of its users out of which millions are now part of YouTube Vance too. It's completely legal in the laws of the country. It just provides only YouTube content and nothing illegal. People used to write many fake things about the YouTube Vanced app and pass all useless information that is not at all true. So, don’t trust any of the fake comments. Experience yourself and by using this app you will get to know that there is nothing unsafe using this app.

Many people say it is used after rooting your phone but no such information is true. Root is not just required to use this app.

What makes YouTube Vanced Extra-Ordinary?

Do you want to end up with the disturbance caused by the Ads? Did you want to play your video in the background playing mode? Do you have a problem with the white theme? Have you ever played any video in airplane mode?

All the answers for these questions will be answered when you all read the benefits of YouTube Vanced app. You will be really happy after reading all the benefits and you will be convinced to download the app at that very point.

The benefits are:

● You can switch the dark, black, white themes.

● You can replay the same video by enabling the option.

● You can download the video and play them at airplane mode too.

● You can enjoy your video ad free. AD blocker is installed in it.

● It included picture in picture mode that enables you to watch video while using other applications.

● It included background playing by which you can listen to the audio of the video in the lock screen too.

● You can select a resolution that is preferred by you.

● You can use the pinch for the adjustments of zoom in, brightness and volume.

Final thoughts:

I would happy to conclude by saying that it is one of the valuable, demanding and safe apps that the person can use without any kind of negative thoughts in their minds. The app has various benefits that are more enjoyable than the person who is a premium user of YouTube.

Just download the app now!

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