How to Download Ed Sheeran’s Afterglow for Free?


Ed Sheeran is back with his vintage music and dropped his new number “Afterglow”. A perfect mix to the chilling winter with your loved one. Play it quietly on your sound system, having the perfect winter date with some glorious red wine, what more you need! Probably a cozy blanket too.

But the matter is that, while watching the video, they always had advertisements, in the beginning, in the end, etc. Imagine when you are about to toss and suddenly an ad playing in the background? It will be horrible. A perfect mood spoiler. My search for avoiding such a situation to happen ends with finding YouTube Vanced Tuber. A YT manager app or a youtube apk mode app that basically works like an advanced YT client. It enables us to access all the videos on YT with added features that are either paid or not available on the normal YT app.

The name initially reminds me of another app named “YouTube Vanced” that I’ve used a while before. While checking upon that, I found that the new YouTube Vanced Tuber is much advanced and has more efficiency in features and user-friendly nature. The difference started the moment when I tried to download and install both apps. As you can see in the image below, the old YT Vanced demands more steps and even an external source to complete the installation process while the new YouTube Vanced Tuber only needed a straightforward download and install. No extra steps or android root.

When it comes to features, I used the free download features of YouTube Vanced tuber to get the song “Afterglow” and other songs of Ed Sheeran for my romantic winter playlist. The feature is extremely easy to use. We can see the “Download” added right below the video screen. A simple tap on that will give us the further option to select in which format we need the download. Either video or audio downloads can be done. Upon selecting it, the next option available is to select the quality of the downloading content. YouTube Vanced Tuebr support from 144p to 4k downloads according to the original upload quality. Selecting the desired choice, the download is easy as it seems.

Further to that, Downloading is not the only feature that the YouTube Vanced Tube provides. The list includes an in-built ad blocker. It prevents any ads from showing while the content is streaming. It is like the old YT version we used to enjoy without any ads. Then there is the “Background Music Player”. It means you can use YT videos to play like in a music player. On the background of your phone. Another important feature is the pop-up player. Using the feature you can engage in other applications while watching a video. All these features are easily available right under the video screen except the ad blocker which is an in-built one.

Get Pure Tuber

I found YouTube Vanced Tuber a real deal. I like no ad YT, I like to download videos from YT, I like the background Player option and the Pop-up player. Using the app, my winter days chilling is much more flawless. No ads and endless playlists.

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