How to Download Christmas Songs from YouTube For Free


The time is back, The time of joy and happiness. Light and gifts all along with the beloved Santa Claus. So to send greetings and wishes, I was searching on YouTube for good content along with a playlist of festival songs. I faced two major difficulties while my search. One is that I was unable to download any content and then there are ads everywhere when I try to play songs.

My search for an appropriate solution to tackle these two issues came to an end when I installed YouTube Vanced Tuber. The app is an advanced YouTube client that enables the users to have access to the entire YouTube Inventory with features that are not available on the normal YouTube app. But before that, don’t get confused with the old YouTube Vanced app. That one is different. The fundamental differences between those two apps even begin from the moment you start downloading the app itself. YouTube Vanced Tuber is an easy youtube apk mod download that can be done with one simple click while YouTube Vanced demands even another external source to support the installation process. Just like as shown in the picture below. So for me, the new one is easy to use and there are no unnecessary elements like click bites or ads.

Coming back to the point where we started, I was able to download all the videos through the feature available in YouTube Vanced Tuber. The download option is right below the video screen and one tap on it will give us the option to select the format and quality of the content.

I haven't come across any ads when I play songs in it. There is an in-built option to remove all the ads so nothing will disturb the streaming experience. Along with that, what surprised me was the background music player feature. I was able to play songs like a normal music player. The feature for me is an absolute winner. YouTube Vanced Tuber also has a pop-up option that will enable us to use different applications while watching videos.

Get YouTube Vanced

To simply add a conclusive part about my Christmas video search, the best thing I found is YouTube Vanced Tuber. While using it, there is no need to do something like youtube root or anything else on a similar line and it’s so easy to use along with its amazing features.

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