How to download YT MP3 songs on your Android


YouTube Vanced Tuber is now renamed as Pure Tuber considering that the new brand is much more distinguished and easy to be recognized . However, it is worthwhile to mention that the new Pure is nothing different from the YouTube Vanced Tuber but with more features and much better experience. With Pure Tuber, now you can like/dislike videos and leave comments. Also you can see all your watched videos and liked videos etc. And here is Pure Tuber official website, click and get the best YT experience.

Without Music, Life would be a mistake! A true fan of music likes to hear it on an everyday basis. Many of us like to watch music videos on YT as most of the new songs are released on YT first. But then the question arises how to download YT MP3 songs on our android phone. And for that, now we have a verified solution called YT Vanced.

So, what is YT Vanced?

YT Vanced is a brand new YT client. With this app, you can download all your favorite YT songs on your android phone. And yes, you don't need to worry about your phone space because it gives you an option to select the audio quality as per your preference too. It hardly takes a few seconds to download your audio songs as its download speed is lightning fast. With YT Vanced, you can download and enjoy your favorite YT songs anytime and anywhere that too for free! Ofcourse, you'll just require your phone's internet pack to be active :)

How to Download YT MP3 songs on your android using YT Vanced?

Step 1: Install YT Vanced from its official website

YouTube Vanced is not available on Google Play Store due to their policies.

So, you can click here to visit the official website of YT Vanced, to download and install the apk on your android phone.

Step 2: Search for the YT MP3 song you'd like to download

After installing the app on your phone, open it and search for the YT MP3 song you want to download in the search bar. You will get the search results as you see on YT because YT Vanced is the same as YT.

Step 3: Select the proper YT MP3 song to download

So, once you get your search results, make sure to select the proper YT MP3 song and just click on the download button as you see in the below given screenshot.

Step 4: Select the video quality as per your preference

After clicking on the download button, you will be jumped on the next page where you can choose Audio format and audio quality up to 160kbps as per your choice. You also have an option to change the title if you want to. And then, click on the OK button. Done! Now you are all good to enjoy your favorite YT MP3 songs anytime and anywhere.

With YT Vanced you can not just download YT MP3 songs for free, but you get to enjoy some great features as given below:

  • You don't have to skip the ads as you do on YT, because YT Vanced automatically blocks all the ads for you.
  • Supports HD quality video downloads i.e. up to 4K quality (depending on whether your phone supports it)
  • Increase or decrease the speed of video play
  • Sync all your subscribed YT channels in just one click
  • Picture in Picture mode
  • Supports background play for audio(no need to keep your phone's screen on to listen audio songs)
  • And many more other functions

We sincerely recommend you to try YT Vanced features once. You will absolutely love it. Get 'advanced' with YT Vanced. Try now!

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