How to Disable 'Ads' on YT Once and for All?


YT is a world-famous video hosting service that contains the most extensive video library. This is where users come to watch their favorite vlogs, training videos, TV episodes, music videos, and much more. The only thing that reduces the quality of service use is advertising, which, at times, cannot even be missed.

The number of people who exclaim "I'm sick of YT advertising" when watching an interesting video is increasing exponentially! In previous years, YT did not have all that advertising plague. We must understand since many people make a living from advertising (including channels and you tubers), although they are still intrusive.

That is why today, you will learn how to remove advertisements on YT with several methods that we will provide you below. Next, we will give you some solutions to remove YT advertising on Android, iOS, and the most used browsers on desktop computers.

Just type in Google' remove ads from YT' to discover the multiple options to remove advertising from the audiovisual content platform.

The first that avoids advice on the mobile phone is limited to downloading an application to the computer—the second blocks advertising on the computer by installing an extension in Chrome, the Google browser.

Remove YT ads on mobile

In this case, everything is limited to installing an application that will allow you to watch the videos on the platform without ads. The process is very simple. Go to your phone's application store (Play Store or App Store) and type in the search box' YT without advertising.'

Below is a list of applications called AdBlockers! In our case, we have chosen to install Adblocker Browser Free. As its name suggests, an app does not cost a single penny and weighs just over 50MB.

Once installed, you have to open the application and, through your browser, enter the URL You can now start playing YT videos without ads. This app also allows - like many others - to enjoy the playback in the background. If you listen to a music video, the music will not stop when you change the application.

Remove YT ads on your computer

In this case, we have blocked YT advertising in Chrome, the browser or Internet browser developed by YT. The operation to remove the ads is extremely quick and easy.

Open Google, go to the search drawer, and type 'remove advertising on YT.' In the first search results, you will see a link with the title 'AdBlocker for YT ™ - Google Chrome.' Click on it! Next, you have to install the 'AdBlocker for YT' program. You give it to accept, and the application will install. From that moment, YT will stop showing you ads.

How to Remove YT Ads?

To remove YT advertisements, you will have to use some extensions. We can recommend the following:

Vanced Pro

Remove ads on YT using the popular Vanced Pro program. This program is not only an effective ad blocker for any browser but also an excellent tool for ensuring security on the Internet. Thanks to the most extensive database of questionable sites, the opening of which will be prevented. If not so long ago, advertising on YT was a rarity. Today almost no video is complete without it; it is displayed both at the beginning and during the viewing process.


It is one of the most famous apps to block advertising. It serves to save data since when it blocks all that annoying, intrusive advertising that consumes your browsing megabytes and gigabytes. The downside is that it is somewhat heavy, so it can affect your Android smartphone's processing speed. When you start the application, it is essential to enable it and accept the VPN configuration.


It is a highly recommended application due to its advantages. Still, it has outdated problems, so it is unstable due to a lack of developers' updates.

Adaway and Adfree

They are ideal for tablets and smartphones, but they require rooting the devices, which is always risky for the system's stability. However, they work very well for blocking advertisements.


It is an application that does not wholly block advertising since you must wait 5 seconds for the total advertising block.


You can find this app in the Play Store but a version without the option of ad blocking, so you will have to download it from its website. It has the advantage of being open source.

Other apps solve the problem of removing YT ads in 2021, but these are the most recognized.


Now you know how to get rid of YT ads. Use a particular program or blocker extension for these purposes, or subscribe to Premium - it's up to you. Still, the second option, in our subjective opinion, looks much more tempting and interesting. We hope this material was helpful to you.

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