How to Block YT Ads on Android


YT Vanced Tuber is now renamed as Pure Tuber considering that the new brand is much more distinguished and easy to be recognized . However, it is worthwhile to mention that the new Pure is nothing different from the YT Vanced Tuber but with more features and much better experience. With Pure Tuber, now you can like/dislike videos and leave comments. Also you can see all your watched videos and liked videos etc. And here is Pure Tuber official website, click and get the best YT experience.

Annoyed by all the ads constantly popping up on YT? How to block YT ads on Android? Our solutions for blocking ads will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming from your android phones in no time.

YT is amongst the most visited sites on the Internet today. It is also the focus of some very disturbing advertising. From 30-second advertisements to 5 unsurpassable advertising in a 10-minute film, one analysis noticed that YT is in second place when it comes to delivering the most annoying ads on the Internet.

YT appears to notice the concerns of the viewers regarding the most bothersome commercials. It removed the widely reviled 30-second ad format last year. However, some viewers also consider the quantity, position, and nature of YT advertisements objectionable. We live in the 21st century and there is a solution to every problem. Here is the solution to all your problems, YT Vanced.

Get Pure Tuber

YT Vanced is an all-in-one lightweight mobile app that is specially made for those who want to search, watch, listen to and download videos from YT without being interrupted by annoying YT ads. It is a simple and easy to use app that offers a complete YT-like experience with some new features. As compared to the other similar apps, YT Vanced is a bit different and offers lots of new services that make it better than others.

With the help of this application, you can easily view and download unlimited videos and even convert YT videos to Mp3, and share it with others. This app also includes core features such as channel search, bookmark, watch videos, search download audio and video files in history, select a streaming player to watch videos, and show related videos, etc. YT Vanced is proven to be one of the best YT downloaders as compared to others. And what’s more, it’s totally free!

The major attraction here is the ability to watch high-quality videos even at the time when the streaming quality restriction has been imposed by Google. Vanced app basically allows playing the same video which has been restricted to 480p on the official YT app at 720p, 1080p or even higher. The streaming quality also depends on the device you are using.

There are so many users who try YT Vanced and speak highly of this app.

Literally the first application I install on every Android device I get a hold of.

Best app ever. Seriously, it's even better than the official one.

It's damn awesome and I think YT is making a huge mistake not letting people use background playing in their basic client.

YT Vanced is better than the proprietary YT app, in every conceivable way, for free.

It is better because it’s user-centric software. It exists to make its users’ lives better, not to enrich its overseers. Because of this, NewPipe has many features which are deliberately omitted from the proprietary app, such as:

  • No advertisements
  • Playing any video in the background
  • Downloading videos (or their audio tracks alone) to play offline
  • Playing videos in a pop-up player
  • Subscribing to channels without a YT account
  • Importing and exporting subscriptions
  • Showing subscriptions in chronological order
  • It supports streaming services other than YT

YT supports some of these… for $12/month. Isn’t that a bit excessive? Other features it doesn’t support at all. On top of that, YT is constantly gathering data about you and making decisions which put their interests ahead of yours, whereas Vanced never phones home and consistently adds new features that put users first. The proprietary app is exploitative of users, and YT Vanced is empowering users.

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