5 Reasons to make Pure Tuber Your Default app


Getting popular and growing at a steady pace, Pure Tuber is becoming a silent hit with its promotion happening through word of mouth. With unlimited access to YT videos and giving advanced features for free is making the app a highly valuable addition to your app gallery. But what are those features? Why do people rate the app so highly that they even leave YT completely? What makes YouTube Vanced Tuber so popular? With this article, we will tell you five top reasons to make a move and install the Pure Tuber.

1.Ad-free YT Video streaming

Unlike in YT ads, When you watch videos in Pure Tuber, there are no ads at all, like the old versions of YT. Pure Tuber ensures flawless and uninterrupted watching. Its inbuilt adblocker prevents all the ads from playing before, during, and after the play of the video or audio. The feature is as we mentioned earlier, inbuilt hence we don’t in fact need to do anything to activate it. It’s there already when you use the app.

2.Background Music Player

A feature that blows the mind of music lovers. Now you can play music from YT on your phone background and you have not stuck anymore on the YT app just to play music. The feature is placed under the video screen when you select any video of your choice in Vanced Tuber. A simple tap on the feature will turn the video screen into a music player which will be seen in your notification bar. Simply effective and amazing.

3.Video and Audio Downloader

Now, this is the feature that everyone wanted. Free, Easy, and Direct download of YT Videos. YT Pure Tuber enables this in a safe and user-friendly way. Say no more to click bites, unsafe websites, and time-consuming download/convert processes. As in the case of Background Player, the download option is placed in the same bar near to it. A click on the option will give you an option to select the format(video or audio) and the quality of the download( 144p tp 4k).

4.Pop Up Player

This feature is for multitaskers. Imagine you are watching an interesting video but on Whatsapp, or Instagram, Your friends are planning a trip or your girlfriend is texting. You are getting notifications but at the same time, you don't want to stop watching the video. When you tap on the Pop Up player, the video will continue playing on a minimized floating screen on the display. You can drag or move accordingly and also resize the screen but more importantly, you can watch the video and use other applications.

5.User-Friendly UI

This is one of the major factors that gain YouTube Vanced Tuber the edge. The UI is very simple, In a way, it simply remains of the simple and worry less old YT Home Page. there is a search option on the right upper side. On the bottom bar, there you can see the tabs for the trending videos, subscriptions, Downloads, and library. Clicking on the videos, as you have seen above, the features are offered right under the video screen and it only takes an easy tap to get any of them.

How do you like the PureTuber features above? Have you ever tried the app? Try it out and enjoy these amazing features. Click below to download YouTube Vanced Tuber.

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