Download 6 Cult Songs Revived for New Movies


It is not often we see songs that have a cult status recreated in such a convincing way but over the past years, we have seen in movies, directors placing these songs so cleverly into the movie narrative that it adds a different dimension to the entire storytelling. Songs of renowned musicians like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and Bands like the Beatles have all been recreated to employ the creativity of contemporary directors. Here we will list some of the iconic songs that have been used in the movies recently along with how to download any song available on YT for absolutely free and safe.

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen in Zack Snyder's Justice League

When the trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League came out, everyone immediately noticed the song that is used throughout the video, Hallelujah of Leonard Cohen, the famous Canadian Poet, and Singer.

Send In The Clowns by Frank Sinatra in Joker

The Orpheus of Love Songs, Sinatra’s Send in the Clowns was used in the movie joker. The tremendous success of the movie and the intense way the song elevate the character is one of a most remarkable combination of songs using appropriately

Country Roads Take me Home by John Denver in Kingsman 2

Not exactly a song but a folk song mostly famed with the rendition of John Denver. The second movie from the Kingsonman series uses this in one of the most dramatic moments in the movie, The death of the character Merlin who sacrificed himself for the cause.

Yesterday by Beatles in Yesterday

What more you need to know about the Beatles? The iconic name itself stands as a synonym. The music they produced inspired generations and continued to do so. The movie Yesterday also is related to the songs of the band and they use the song Yesterday doing justice to the original.

Girl From the North Country by Bob Dylan in Silver Lining Playbook

Bob Dylan, the Nobel laureate for literature created some of the most iconic music ever and girl from the North country is one of the best among them, a call to the lost love with an ache is been used so beautifully as an important element that connects the characters in the movie Silver Lining Playbook

Hey, Jude by Beatles in Across the World

Hey, Jude is another song from the Beatle songs. The legendary song is a fan favorite and has a legendary status all over the music world

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