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Just five months after the last album, Taylor Swift surprisingly announced and released the album evermore within 24 hours of the announcement. Written and produced during the lockdown time, Her experience during the time also became a major influence behind the inspiration of the album.

Siting clearly a sisterhood with her previous album folklore in the nature of the content, evermore keeps the soul of folklorish rhythm and cohesion of artistic wisdom. The themes used in the lyrics vary from the notions of neglected romance to heartbreaks and forgiveness, etc.

Released in December, the album still keeps its momentum due to its effortless quality and essential depth on content quality. Herewith the article, get the complete list of songs below along with a tip on how to download videos and audios from YT for free and safe


champagne problems

gold rush

tis the damn season

tolerate it

no body, no crime



coney island


cowboy like me

long story short




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