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Taking the scene with a real storm, Olivia Rodrigo’s debut Song Driving Licence is ruling the music charts. We don’t often see great songs, We don’t definitely don’t see great songs ruling the charts for so long, and finally, it's so rare we see a debut song of an artist ruling the music charts for weeks and the world started realizing the emergence of real talent. Driving Licence is both. The emergence of amazing talent and indeed a great song is making its voice strong on the charts.

Driving Licence is essentially a song about heartbreak, lyrics going deeper into the sadness and breaking emotions after when we end up in the part of love where we lost. Longing for the old days to come back but long gone those are, where we are just stuck at the present. The intensity of the lyrics and the power of ideas and images expresses leads the listener to feel a strong emotional connection to the songs and to the feelings that are attached. Though it's been just weeks since the song was released, several cover versions have been uploaded and with this article,, we will introduce 9 of them for you.

Drivers License Cover - Conor Maynard

Drivers License Cover - Coco Quinn

Drivers License Cover - James Charles

Drivers License Cover - Alexander Stewart

Drivers License Cover - Leroy Sanchez

Drivers License Cover - Cimorelli

Drivers License Cover - Andrew Foy

Drivers License Cover - Katherine Cordova

Drivers License Cover - Emma Heesters

Drivers License Cover - Morissette

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