Confused between YouTube Vanced and Vanced Tuber?


Recently I got through a new YT manager app named YouTube Vanced Tuber. It is an advanced YT client that enables the user to stream any content that is available on YT along with interesting features such as, Free video download, background music player from YT, Pop Up player, and most importantly it comes with an in build ad-blocking feature that blocks all ads from showing while the content is streaming. The name was intriguing enough for me because I was aware of Vanced Tuber and used it back in a while. Since I take a serious note about new applications, especially ones that help us with some basic things that we lack in apps downloaded from Google store because of the google policies.

A comparison between YT Vanced Tuber, which is relatively a new app to the avenue, and the existing YT Vanced gave me the initial thoughts that the similarities in the name will be followed through the app features and how the new one is being set up. But that thought was shattered at the very base of the experience with the new app.

The picture itself shows the major difference between the two apps from the phase of download. While YouTube Vanced demands a little complicated procedure to complete the download and install as we pointed out in the picture. The case of YouTube Vanced Tuber is much more different in a very simple way. In fact, just two steps will ensure the installing of the app on our phone.

So in the first stage itself, YouTube Vanced Tuber showed me that it got something different just like how its name is a little different from the old YouTube Vanced. And Just like the addition of “Tuber” in the name, The new app got one amazing feature integrated with it which is I think the most important one among all of its other features, and that is the Video or Audio download option.

Video Downloader

As you can see in the pictures, the download button can be seen right below the video screen. The first touch there will lead to a pop up where you can select your preferred download format. Video or Audio. Upon selecting the format, it leads to the selection of quality of the download. YouTube Vanced Tuber supports 144p to 4k downloads according to the original video upload quality. The download feature is one of the major reasons behind the advantage of YouTube Vanced Tuber over the old YouTube Vanced. Especially the fact that there are no unnecessary pop-ups, click bites, or ads coming up during the download process. Overall, the new app is extremely user friends and clean.

Get Pure Tuber

In a nutshell, I would 100% prefer the new YouTube Vanced Tuber over the outdated YouTube Vanced. The Tuber is easier to use, has helpful features and more importantly, it demands no root or any complicated procedures to install, hence it is safe to use too.

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