Christopher Nolan's Timeline Experimented Movies Before Tenet


Tenet is hitting the possible screens all over the world during the pandemic. The much-awaited movie of ace director Christopher Nolan experiments with the idea of time just like how the palindrome title suggests. It is also interesting that Nolan found this title from an ancient Latin word squire named Sator Squire. The other names on the squire too can be found as different character names in the movie.

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Now back to our timeline, Let’s have a look at Nolan’s amazing movies that Interplays with time


Story of an insurance investigator Leonard Shelby who suffers anterograde amnesia. To tackle his issues with memory, he uses tattoos on his body and notes. The tension arises when we get to know that he is trying to avenge the death of his wife. Just like how the central character clutters his memory, the timeline used also shows Nolan’s unconventional fascination with time. Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, we have been fed with glimpses of the past, the characters in the present, and the meanings of the tattoos and notes. The movie is considered one of the finest pieces of filmmaking.


Cobb who steals information from the dreams of people faces new struggles in his job along with his exile from his homeland where his kids are left behind. With a new mission on his hand, he was forced to create layers of dreams to plant information but faces resistance from the subject. Running against time, his layers of dreams are built one by one but the thread of connection between them is challenging the situation they are facing in each.


Another Nolan masterpiece that plays with the idea of time. Here Nolan takes the idea of time into a much higher plateau of space and gives as an extremely intriguing watch. Farmer and ex-NASA pilot Cooper was tasked with the project that leaps to find new planets for the human race to live, Nolan shows the flexible characteristics of time when dimensions change. The movie is considered a milestone achievement in the genre of sci-fi.

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