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Low Fidelity music also known as Lo-Fi music is gaining a real following during the pandemic period. Lo-Fidelity is in music means 0the music you listen will be with imperfections of recording. Usually considered as errors but in the genre, it is the essential aspect that distinguishes the music. Recently the music with imperfections took a real toll. Views are rising to millions and the genre of music is becoming a real deal in these times.

One of the major aspects of Lo-Fi music is the feeling of community it gives to the new listeners, even when you check the comments, most of them you see are of an inclusive nature, acknowledging the feelings of one to another and community.

Since the music is getting popular, This article will give you 10 LO-Fi channels from youtube that produce quality music in the genre along with that the article also explores how you can use YT without any advertisements for free with PureTuber



Zelda & Chill


Nintendo and Chill



The Bootleg Boy

Homework Radio

The Jazz Hop Café

How to Play YT Always Ad Free

YT ads are just pain. Simple as it sounds. Before, during, and after, these ads came as a senseless disturbance during our YT streaming. If we ever want to get away from this curse, then YT forces us to get the premium account which costs you a dime.

Pure Tuber comes in the right place to resolve this issue. First, it gives you direct access to all the YT videos, Second, it blocks all the ads from showing while you are watching any of those videos through the app. In simple terms, you will be able to enjoy any of the YT videos without any of the ads before, after, or during.

Pure Tuber is an advanced YT client app that enables you to watch all the YT Videos with advanced features. One among them is the inbuilt ad blocker mentioned above. Along with it, Pure Tuber gives features such as the Video and Audio Downloader, Pop-Up Player, Background Music Player from YT, etc,

The Download option supports 144p to 4k according to the original video quality, a Pop-Up player for using other apps while watching the videos, and then the most impressive Background Player that allows playing YT as music on the Phone Background.

Excited enough? Download Pure Tuber by clicking the link below.

Get Pure Tuber

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