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Animals are awesome! There’s a giant variety the world over and more just seem to be discovered. The world is a fantastic place, despite this dumpster fire of a year, animals are here to remind us of it. Why? Because funny animal memes are some of the few bright spots left on the internet. Animals make the best faces and, of course, the internet is here to mind the goldmine for all the memes.

If you watched such funny videos on YouTube before, then I suggest you take YouTube Vanced instead of YouTube. YouTube Vanced is basically the same as YouTube, but it offers much more useful functions that don’t exist on the official YouTube. On YouTube Vanced you can find all you want from YouTube but even more than that. This app includes no ads! Try to imagine that, and when did that happen last time? No need to mention that you can play video with ‘picture in picture’ mode, or play the music video in the background as a music app. And the most exciting feature is that you can get videos downloaded on YouTube Vanced!

Here let’s enjoy some funny animal videos to brighten your day.

Funniest Animal videos worth watching

? Funniest Animals ? - Try Not To Laugh ? - Funny Domestic And Wild Animals' Life

You know what’s the best part of such funny videos that you cannot miss? The comments! They make half of the video. Try to find out those comments making you laugh.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Funny Cat & Dog Vines compilation 2017

Every time I see this kind of challenge headline, I know I'm gonna fail. See you can hold on till which second.

? Dogs And ? Cats In Funny Situations - Try Not To Laugh ?

I guess I am so easy to laugh, cause I had laughed seeing the cover, even before the video!

Funniest Cats ? - Don't try to hold back Laughter ? - Funny Cats Life

Promise me don't miss moments 0:23 and 0:40,It kills me.

? Funniest ? Dogs and ? Cats - Awesome Funny Pet Animals Videos ?

Cats are surely the most popular pets and awesome animals nowadays. Dogs are awesome animals. Despite all their differences, they have much in common, too. And yet, there are dogs that resemble none of their kin in the whole world.

All their breeds differ by size, features, and color, temperament.

These are just a small part of animal videos. For more, you can explore and watch much more such videos on YouTube Vanced.

How to play funny animal videos on YouTube Vanced?

Step 1. Search and download the app

The way to download YouTube Vanced is easy and sample. You can find it in Google play store or in the official website.Or you can just click the button below to download it.

Get YouTube Vanced

Step2.Search the video you want to watch on the search bar

After you download and install it, open it and you will find there is a search bar on the top of the screen.Here you can enter the keyword of the video.Then you will find the results available on YouTube.

Step3. Enjoy countless videos without ads.

Find out your desired video in the results and play it and start your day.

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