Best YT Downloader to Use in 2021- Features Explained


Are you still waiting for those 5 seconds to pass so that you can skip the advertisements on YT? Paying money to get YT Premium so that you can get a background music player option? Using unsafe websites or apps to download YT videos? That is the story of 2020, When 2021 knocks on the door, It's time to shuffle your app inventory and install the YT Vanced Tuber who solves all the things mentioned above for absolutely free and a thousand times more efficiently

What Is YT Vanced Tuber?

YT Vanced Tuber is an advanced.YT client that appropriates the entire YT video garage with much more user-friendly features. Practically it works like a YT manager app because you can import all your YT settings to the Vanced Tuber. A safer YT apk version that is easy to access without any android rooting or any other complicated procedures.

How Does It Work?

You can easily download the app from the official website or click on the button below. In fact, after installing, most things work like YT only so no complication with using and most features are available on the video screen as explained below.

What Are The Best Features?

There are Plenty, But here I will be talking about 4 main features that I found exceptionally good to use. The first one is the In-Built Ad Blocker which in fact blocks all the ads that might appear on the video like on YT. The feature ensures a flawless and uninterrupted viewing experience for all.

The second one is the background Music Player. It simply enables the users to play music directly from YT-like in a Music Player. The music will be playing in the background and no more stuck on YT just for music.

The next feature is the Video and Audio Downloader. You heard it right, now you can download YT videos for free. YT Vanced Tuber has two format options. Video and Audio, users can download it accordingly. Also, they can select the content quality from 144p to 4k.

The final one is the pop-up player. It will help the user to use multiple applications while watching videos. When you click on the feature, the video will be playing on a small floating screen on your phone display. It is resizable and its position is adjustable and you can use any other app in the meantime.

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