Battle of Vanced vs Vanced Tuber- The Winner of 2020


One of the best apps of 2020. That’s my one-liner to describe YT Vanced Tuber. Feature-wise, it is probably the leader in the segment of apps. In Utility wise, it is one of the most-used apps on my device but why does that happen? Because the user interface is exceptionally friendly to use. Altogether the YT Vanced Tuber feels like the old YT that never had any ads but an advanced one with features that are yet to be available on the current YT app. Now there is another app for comparison just like the name reminds us of it. The old YT Vanced app. You might have used it extensively, I’ve used it for a short time before using the new Vanced Tuber but since started using the later, there was no going back to the old one.

YT Vanced Tuber

YT Vanced Tuber is an integrated YT client that enriches the users with direct access to the entire YT Videos like probably a YT manager app or it can be considered as a YT apk version. Anyway, the point is that you can use it exactly like how you use YT. The feature list of the app is quite long from the in-built adblocker feature to YT video downloads, Audio converter, Background music player, Multitasking pop-up player, etc. Compared to useful but limited features of the old YT Vanced.

The difference between the two apps starts right from the time of downloading the apk in which the old YT Vanced takes more steps and the installation of Vanced MicroG. The new YT Vanced Tuber is much simpler than it's rival. A simple download tap will be enough to get this apk app to your phone.

Features Explained.

As we mentioned earlier, the new YT Vanced Tuber comes with a rich list of features. The one we invariably notice at the moment we start watching a video is the in build adblocker. Unlike YT, there are no ads here. No ads prior, after, or in between the video playing. It is as smooth as Chinese silk. No interruptions, no waiting to skip ads, nothing.

The next one will be the Background Music Player. As the name suggests, the feature enables Music playing on the device background from YT. Say it's like YT turning into a music player. Hence we can enjoy any song without being stitched on the phone display. The third one being the downloader, which comes with the option to download videos as it is or just the audio version. The Download quality can be from 144p to 4k which we can select our preferred quality but ultimately the options depend on the original video upload quality. One of the nicest features I came across while using YT Vanced Tuber is the Pop-Up player for multitaskers. Simply means that when you tap on the feature, the video screen will turn into a mini floating screen in the device display. The position of the screen can be adjusted freely and the size too can be expanded or reduced. The video will be playing on the screen while we check upon other apps on our phones.

Here is the direct link to get into the official website of YT Vanced Tuber.

Get Pure Tuber

Overall just with the user-friendliness and feature list, the YT Vanced Tuber proved to be a sure bet for me and most importantly it's safer because there is no need to root the device. So My winner, without a doubt, is the new YT Vanced Tuber.

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