Ad-Free 2021 Playlist and more Videos Download From YT


2021 is on the doorsteps, Are you still suffering from YT ads? Struggling to download videos from YT? Dreaming to get a background Player update without paying for premium? Using YT raw without all these features are a real pain while watching an interesting video. The constant interruptions, the rigidity of stopping the streaming if wanted to use another app, Then sometimes the unsafe websites that needed if we wanted to download a video, Overall it feels like this painful 2020. Obstacles everywhere.

Say any of these no more with the introduction of YT Vanced Tuber. It has everything that we look up to when it comes to YT videos. YT Vanced Tuber is an advanced YT client that enables the user to have access to the ever-improving YT video inventory along with advanced features that are either available paid or non-existing in not just in YT but also in the pain YT Premium. All this for absolutely free.

Ad Blocker

The features are plenty in YT Vanced Tuber but two of them caught my eyes and for me, those are the most impressive features in my opinion. Video Download and Inbuilt Ad-Free content streaming. To put it simply, There will not be any ads playing while you are streaming videos or audios using a background music player in YT Vanced Tuber. Not before or after or in between. The inbuilt feature blocks all the potential ads from playing every single time without a fail.

Video Downloader

The second one is the Video Download option. It is absolutely easy to use, safe, and simple. There are no complications, Click Bytes, or extra pop ups. When you watch videos, you can easily find the download feature under the video screen. Tapping on that will lead you to an option to select the format of the download. Video and audio downloads are available in it, along with that you can also select the quality of the download. YT Vanced Tuber supports 144p to 4k downloads according to the original upload quality.

Other Features

YT Vanced Tuber, The ultimate YT manager comes with more features apart from Adblocker and downloader. Two of the other important features are the free background music player and then the pop-up screen. Talking about Background music players, it works just like any music player but the source is now YT videos. So now YT videos can be played on the device background with YT Vanced Tuber. Pop-up screen if for multitasking people who use other apps while watching videos. While tapping on the feature, the video screen will recreate into a floating screen on the display. Users will be able to adjust the size and position of the screen easily.

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