Action Movies of 2021- The High Voltage Movies List


Action movies, the adrenaline pump, and the edge of the seat experience are best given in Action thriller movies and 221 got plenty to offer in its armory. Some of the major stars of the industry pack the years with promising projects including the likes of Tom Cruise. Breaking Bad Fame, Bob Odenkirk, Jason Statham, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hardy, Michael B. Jordan all lining up with their action-packed movies. The Moveis list includes the additions of marvel world with Black Widow making the sole to movies and movies like Nobody from the producer of John Wick are expecting to create a wave just like how John Wick did. The second edition of Top Gun is another highly anticipated movie where the return of Tom Cruise as the role of Maverick is expected to create the impact it made in the last time. Venom fans also got happy news with Tom Hardy continuing to be the protagonist and then the mighty Fast and Furies marked the 9th appearance in its series of movies. Now let's have a look at those high-energy action movies to be released in the current year.


Mortal Kombat

Wrath of Man

Black Widow

Without Remorse

Free Guy

Army of the Dead



Top Gun: Maverick

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