YT Video download on Android?. The Best App Review.


Is there a way to download videos from YT for free? Without anything to do with rooting the phone and keeping the complete safety of the phone? I have been facing this issue for a while and recently arrived at a final solution. I found an app named YouTube Vanced Tuber which is an advance YT client or works like a YT manager which will give you direct access to all the YT videos with advanced features such as Background Music Player directly from YT, Pop-Up player for multiple app use, In-Built ad blocker for flawless streaming experience and finally the most useful and simple feature of free YT video downloading.

The name initially reminds me of another app named YouTube Vanced. When I did my research on this, I found that the similarity is only with the names but nothing with the features though they deal with similar aspects of purpose. The YouTube Vanced is an old and existing app and YouTube Vanced Tuber is the newly one with more features and safety. Since I knew these two apps, I started testing both to know how well they cope. Here is what I found.

YouTube Vanced Tuber is easy to Download

The initial impression while downloading and installing birth apps was that the new YouTube Vanced Tuber is an easy download and install while the old YouTube Vanced needs a lengthy process for the downloading and installing as shown below. YouTube Vanced Tuber does not require to root your android phone or to add any external application but a simple and normal installing process will do the job efficiently.

Amazing Features in YouTube Vanced Tuber.

Compared to YouTube Vanced,YouTube Vanced Tuber got all the premium features including the free video downloading. Alos the user interface is absolutely magnificent that it's not only very easy to use but also they managed to find the right balance while using those features in terms of process. I can surely say that the experience in YouTube Vanced Tuber is much more sophisticated than the old YouTube Vanced app.

Get Pure Tuber

So to add a final note, i would suggest and prefer the new YouTube Vanced Tuber over the old one any time. The new one has safety, it's easy to use and has premium features for free. Install and enjoy the amazing streaming experience.

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